Опыт удаленного просмотра Гарри Нолана

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Опыт удаленного просмотра Гарри Нолана

Garry Nolan’s remote viewing experience
byu/kake92 inaliens

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  1. I feel sorry for those humans that doesnt believe in these stuff. They are limiting themselves in a horrific way, they are willingly amputating a big part of themselves.

  2. If he can remote view into the future then why doesn’t he tell us when disclosure is really happening? I really want to believe in remote viewing but he’d be doing it all the time and predicting stuff for us I’d he genuinely did it.

  3. Personal experience trump everything else all the time. That’s what I keep saying.

    If you want to know if aliens are real, then go have an experience with them. There are ways to do that.

  4. Remote viewing comes up. I ask if people saying it’s not real have tried it.

    «Why would I try something not real?!?!»

    Y’all, worms have wifi in their brains. Just because science hasn’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Hubris will bring us down every.single.time. See ya after the next ice age/flood/asteroid/whatever.

  5. Consciousness is all good and well, but when mentioned in relation to UFOs/aliens, you’re losing me.
    Consciousness, while given, measuring it is not yet possible, which when using it as a proof of concept, puts it in the realm of pseudo science, whether your like it or not.
    Maybe one day we’ll be able to measure consciousness, but until then, I think it best just to regard it as an intrinsic part of beings of intelligence.

  6. There goes his credibility. Dammit. He was one of the more believable and scientifically sound uap/disc players

    Remote viewing now? What’s next? this guy saying Greer is Credible or citing Tom Delonglistofreatardtraits as a source

  7. I am reading The Messengers right now. I have had *many* encounters at this point.

    I have conjured them myself. I didn’t look up any sort of method. I just did it my own way. I meditated for a long time emptied my mind as much as I could. And I reflected only love. I looked into the darkest part of the night sky (in the summer I stargaze for hours just by myself). I asked them to reveal themselves (much more to it than just that but that’s the paraphrased version) and I got my answer- a flash of light that looked 4x brighter than the satellite I had seen prior to this that glinted off the sun.

    I thought it must be a coincidence. I asked again and 2 more times I got flashes on command. The third terrified me because all of a sudden an owl started going nuts. I am very familiar with owls and know what they sound like. Last winter every time I’d go out in the woods it almost sounded like they were laughing at me it was so weird sounding-barred owls are the most ubiquitous in this area.

    I didn’t know about the messengers at the time. I didn’t know about this connection to owls. And *all* my life I’ve had weird experiences with owls.

    In 2020 I found a little guy on my wall I have pictures of me holding it. Must have fallen out of the nest?

    One of my crazier most recent experiences I posted to Reddit and then deleted. It was a video of a UAP with owl sounds you can barely discern anything hence my hesitation for posting. For whatever reason all my videos that night were all messed up.

    Never had this happen to any other iPhone videos.

    When I played it back it looped the air conditioner sound in the background every 5 seconds yet you could hear the rest of the sounds and the creepy owl sounds (sounded like a human mimicking an owl) on top of the looped air conditioner sounds of that makes sense. It’s *very* obvious it’s looped.

    Now I see them all the time. I always tell them I accept them as they are and I don’t mean any harm.

    I am old, never married, never had any kids so I feel like I have nothing to lose as far as if I do go missing however unlikely that is.

    Not sure what possessed me to post this crazy sounding comment honestly. But hopefully someone gleans something from it.

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