Цилиндр UAP стабилизированный

Итак, я увидел эту ветку на 4chan, прошел субреддит здесь и нашел по крайней мере несколько прилично выглядящих видео и изображений, теперь, возможно, это был ларпер, я просто искал материал, которого еще не видел. Без какой-либо дополнительной информации об этом это могло бы быть столь же достоверным, как и картина… Но я надеюсь, что вы не сталкивались с этим, наслаждайтесь (это был пост с несколькими ссылками на потоковую передачу, я постараюсь разместить их в Интернете как можно скорее.. пытаясь ограничить потеря качества)

Cylinder uap stabilized
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  1. I saw something very much like this with family friends on 8/5/22 over LA. Actually reported it via 911 as it was near Burbank airport departure route. Saw 3 V-22 Ospreys respond to its last known location. We kept telling those interested that it looked like the fuselage of a plane, but vertical and without wings. Specifically , like an AA jetliner with that silver finish. So this looks very familiar to what we saw.

  2. I hadn’t noticed from other video’s but this one shows a reflection from the sun on different parts. It looks like a tube of metal but the light is not reflecting in a normal way. I think those lights might be a part of it’s propulsion, keeping it balanced, in place. Seems to have 4-5 sections that light up independently and uniformly at other times. I found that interesting.

  3. These are supposedly the cigar shaped crafts that hide in the ocean and deploy the spheres or hammers as the recent larp called them. The spheres possibly go back into the craft and get broken or melted into materials again for repurposing of future missions.

  4. I can’t help but think these could be solar balloons. Look them up, they’re large and cylindrical, just looks like a giant trash bag on the ground but gets rigid as it gains altitude

  5. Hold up the dude on the 4chan thread was linking stuff already out there as likely real also?

    Also — is that thing spinning? Or the lights turning on and off just makes it look like it is

  6. Fascinating thread. I have a few questions —

    1) what’s to stop the other countries coming in and beating them to crashes

    2) what happens to citizens who see the crashes

    3) how do they actually spot the crashes? Surely they go too fast to track them out of that thing

    4) what is over Mexico that makes them crash?

    5) how many other countries have undeniable proof (craft/body) and why haven’t they come forward to make USA look stupid and sew content… easy win to destabilise.

  7. I swear my wife and I saw colors streak across the sky like that at Sunset Beach in August last year. We were watching for a meteor shower or the ISS which we had seen before, but then saw an intense pulsing rainbow streak across the sky that no one around us seemed to notice. I still think about it. We are going back next year and I really would love if I could afford a nice camera setup.

  8. Nuremberg 1561 sightings contemporary illustration had similar tubular objects depicted, with colored balls inside them. Might be the balls were actually lights or reflections akin to what’s here. Interesting clip for sure

  9. I saw something very similar to this one in Alabama with my fiancé a few months ago. We live close to Redstone Arsenal. The only difference was the one we saw was horizontal and only lit up two lights and then disappeared.

  10. This reminds me of this [video](https://youtu.be/cKSfRqJhuzw) which starts around 17:30. The original video from 2004 and was filmed on camcorder.

    EBANI — unidentified aerial biological entity

    The original acronym is in Spanish which is why it doesn’t match up in English.

    Here is another [video](https://youtu.be/mwN9p6_Aysw) I found really interesting. This YouTube channel has a lot of good stuff. A lot of older videos I haven’t seen other places.

    Speaking of good UFO YouTube channels, this [UFO](https://youtube.com/@UFOFootageArchive) has over 500 videos and hasn’t uploaded in 11 years and there’s a lot of good stuff.

  11. I have seen one identical. Very low over Leeds, UK 11/8/20 and it was a mindblowing experience.

    It WAS MOST DEFINITELY not a balloon, the reflections were bouncing off what appeared to be metal panels. I cannot stress how low it appeared and it’s very weird that other didn’t see it.

    I feel that the only feasible human explanation for the way it moved and then disappeared was a hologram? 🤔

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