Изображение, показывающее видение, которое я получил от инопланетян в самом странном сне, который мне когда-либо снился.

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Изображение, показывающее видение, которое я получил от инопланетян в самом странном сне, который мне когда-либо снился.

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  1. Very silly graphic but this is actually fairly in line with Hermeticism.

    Summary I stole from scholarly encyclopedia: “The All (also called The One, The Absolute, The Great One, The Creator, The Supreme Mind, The Supreme Good, The Father, and The All Mother) is the Hermetic, pantheistic, pandeistic or panentheistic (and thus also panpsychism/monopsychism/unus mundus/anima mundi) view of God, which is that everything that is, or at least that can be experienced, collectively makes up The All. One Hermetic maxim states, «While All is in The All, it is equally true that The All is in All.» The All can also be seen to be androgynous, possessing both masculine and feminine qualities in equal part.”

    (Link: https://encyclopedia.pub/entry/29753#:~:text=According%20to%20The%20Kybalion%2C%20The,looked%20at%20as%20Mind%20itself. )

    ^ chapter of the kybalion that describes the concept of the all.

    Really surprised at all the negative feedback you received for this OP. Very closed-minded responses for a community searching for little green men.

  2. Took LSD a few times and this seemed to be the logical conclusion that kept resurfacing. While separate from God, we are apart of God’s creation and thus a part of God. I think somewhere in the vedas it says, “every man is Shiva as he so perceives himself to be”. The Ol grain of sand is still apart of the beach

  3. So every individual is just a sliver of a higher being’s consciousness that incarnates in the physical world to gain knowledge and experience? Cool. I like it.

    It’s certainly much more positive than what I’ve been thinking lately: that I’m just a soulless NPC in some teenager’s first person shooter game.

  4. Damn nice job. Is the Universe really the brain of a huge, something? Big. I mean really really big. We’re all part of an organic processor maybe. Thanks for sharing.

  5. MAL….mind at large. Bernardo Kastrup. Or The Big TOE by Thomas Campbell. Headset Theory Donald Hoffman.
    Metaphysical theories of consciousness being fundamental are gaining a lot more traction and attention these days. We could just be subjective images of a larger consciousness system that gives rise to spacetime itself.

  6. I had a dream Friday night where I was shown a grey, rectangular stone monument in the desert in front of the Devils Tower that said “Sandia.” I was told that the battle unfolding on Earth right now would be the end of life as well we currently know it. Then I was suddenly in space, looking down at the Earth, and was told that after this battle and what unfolds there will be a much bigger battle for the Earth itself. I got the impression this bigger battle would actually take place around the Earth, not just on it.

    It was the most vivid dream I’d had in a long time.

  7. Reminds me of a tractate from the Dilbert cartoonist in which he supposes the universe reflects the processes of a god reconstituting himself after having suicided in Minecraft.

  8. So, there are «higher beings» that exists above our understanding of existence, another level of consciousness/dimension we cant even begin to grasp. And each one of these beings, have a mind so «complex/huge/enormous» that they need to «fragment their own consciousness» onto lower life forms (us), and that’s would explain humans consciousness are just parts of a larger conscious mind, or many larger minds at the same time. Kinda reminded me that «we are all one» stuff.

  9. OP, try r/experiencers. This will not get hate from those of us that already know this to be true. Also check out r/lawofone and r/nevillegoddard if you aren’t aware of them. The creator of the universe split itself into many, many pieces (us) to experience anything and everything. There is no time, only space. Until more people accept that love and light is the answer we will be stuck in 3rd density. There are negative forces too and they try to keep us behind the veil of forgetting.

  10. This is the type of stuff I would experience when going through my prodromal phase of Schizophrenia. I’d suggest seeing a Psychologist my friend.

    EDIT: After going through your post history OP I suggest you take my suggestion to see a Psychologist seriously. A decent chunk of your posts stand out and *could* be attributed to you experiencing delusional thought or even hallucinations.

  11. Reply to all mean comments: I’m sorry it’s true. It was a traumatic discovery. I wanted to know the answers to all the big questions and i got it. I felt myself die when i saw it. But i’m glad i got to break the news in some way. Once you surrender your perceived ownership and perceived island of self you will see you are only a figment of its own imagination. Idk how the physical world plays into it, it might be a template or a canvas for the big experiment to take place, but i’m not sure it’s apart of the superbeing.

  12. So you are from the same exact consciousness as a serial killer? Doubtful. All could be one in the highest dimension, but from our perspective in the universe it actually has zero significance. Some humans are good, some are pure evil. Some beings and aliens in higher dimensions are reckless and selfish while some are benevolent. Sitting around in a drum circling expressing love on drugs doesn’t make everyone else so. Some humans are sadistic monsters and this thought process really ignores that.

    Edit: That being said change the big brain to a Soul Group, aka Consciousness Collective aka Egregore and it makes sense in a rudimentary temporary sort of way.

  13. That’s amazing I had a very similar “revelation” a day or two ago also, after meditation it came to me, that our “spirit/soul” is just a collection of data, when we die it goes back to the all knowing brain(universe) since it knows everything, this is how is stores that knowledge. Essentially a file with all your knowledge in a neat little folder.
    What I can’t figure out is after death does the collection of data (soul) still have free will and is it self aware?
    Can it still continued to interact with other entities?
    No matter if you are an atheist, believe in any religion, or think aliens put us here there is one thing all these beliefs have in common, and that is that we are all always kept in the dark. God doesn’t make himself seen or known openly, aliens hide from us and atheist have no answers to anything (I was raised atheist).
    So why is imperative that we not know why we are here?
    Because this is an experiment? So once we become aware does that mean the experiment is no longer valid? Is that the meaning of the rapture? Those who figured it out can’t stay, and the world is left with the skeptics so the experiment can continue… this is some trippy shit.

  14. Seems legit. Looks like it’s describing what you could call the absolute where all consciousness in the universe is of the same one consciousness interconnected throughout past the limits of time and space. There’s certain meditation techniques which all attempt to bring your mind “below the surface” as you’ve drawn here to access the higher supreme knowledge of the absolute or super being.

  15. Seems like us all being a part of a creator god in it’s image, with some sort of «interdimensional» agent to help keep the «experiment» running. What are you, some sort of Christian!?

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