Не знаю, что это такое, но я видел какую-то странную херню

Сначала подумал, что это вертолет, но он просто завис и никуда не делся. Затем, когда я повернул, он почти мгновенно появился примерно в 1000 ярдах в другом месте. При увеличении он выглядит как таблетка с небольшим смотровым отверстием внутри. Никогда не видел ничего подобного

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  1. I live in tucson and swore I saw one of these.
    Was driving down the highway and it was flying low, looked like it was headed towards me but on the right side of the road, vanished.

    Drove about a mile or two out and it reappeared but again looked like it was coming towards me. Vanished again. Seemed like it had weird lights coming off of it or around it but was so fast it was hard to tell. Was moving in big spiral motions counter clockwise.

  2. Ok so in retrospect I can see that trying to move the refrigerator from downstairs to upstairs by filling it with helium balloons was a bad idea but how was I supposed to know she had the upstairs window open?!

  3. A neighbor shared something intriguing on their NextDoor app. She mentioned spotting it last Thursday morning, sometime between 5:00 and 5:30 AM. She described bluish-white orbs, pulsating and moving erratically in the sky, vanishing and reappearing, then aligning into a formation. This sighting was above the Gila River Indian Community, along Arizona SR 347, about 5 miles north of Maricopa.

    This area is a well-known hotspot for such phenomena. The nearby Sierra Estrella mountain range, revered by the Tohono O’odham people for centuries, lies just to the west. They have long spoken of visits from the ‘Star People.’ To them, it’s an accepted reality. Even the Spaniards, arriving in the early 1600s, named these mountains ‘Star’ due to the numerous accounts they heard from the natives. Fascinating stuff, if you ask me.

    [ufo/uap pic](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_NLNXo8MlR6nJX_BISx0g-ctx_QXcYDl/view?usp=drivesdk)

  4. I see similar stuff more often in colder climates. It could be water crystals in atmosphere refracting or reflecting light. All you need is a freezing cold layer of moist air and a light source. I’m just guessing in this instance as I have no environmental information with your picture Sometimes they can be intense.

  5. I KEEP seeing these sort of lines…I tell my kid it’s just contrails from jets at fort gap but I honestly don’t know…they start out as 2-4 horizontal lines (we watched them Sunday sitting at BK’s drive thru for 20min!) and they ended up vertical lines and further apart by the time we left. I’m very into the woo and have been begging the universe to see something but the skeptic in me writes these off as explainable. Just because I can’t explain it doesn’t mean it isn’t explainable…the comments on this post have me questioning what I saw…

  6. My wife saw this just before Halloween near Everett, WA specifically near Boeing around 8am.

    She took a photo. It was not visible in the photo, but there was darkness in the sky in the photo where she said it was.

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