Женщина описывает доктору Жаку Валле свой странный опыт контакта, который произошел после близкого столкновения ее и ее друга с НЛО (1970-е годы).

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Женщина описывает доктору Жаку Валле свой странный опыт контакта, который произошел после близкого столкновения ее и ее друга с НЛО (1970-е годы).

A woman describes her bizarre contact experience to Dr. Jacques Vallee that occurred after her and her friend’s close encounter with a UFO (1970s).
byu/bmfalbo inaliens

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48 комментарий для “Женщина описывает доктору Жаку Валле свой странный опыт контакта, который произошел после близкого столкновения ее и ее друга с НЛО (1970-е годы).”
  1. Sounds like she is speaking about meeting with The Galactic Federation, they are very peaceful and have been trying to help our world for a very long time. They have made numerous efforts to get the Reptillian Gov Elites to stop their evil agenda but they’re not even taking the initiative seriously or anything because the Reptilian Race is all about evil, death and take overs! They did originally start out as a peaceful race on Lemuria which now says Limuria on Google maps which some believe is apart of Atlantis or close to it and that they are one of the reasons for the demise of Atlantis.

    This is my opinion and guess and it’s going to purely stay that way until I see proof in front of me. I do a lot of research and I try and piece it all together but the Reptillians also have killed off other planets as well and currently have bases and people on Mars & the moon. The Reptillians are the reason the race on Mars now lives underground due to the air quality now but the quality of air use to be like ours clean and not so much pure anymore though sadly. The reptillians have and agenda and I believe they plan on trying to carry that out but I don’t think it be successful!

  2. Not gon lie she’s prolly old as dirt nowdays but if I was her age back in the day I woulda took her to the drive in movies and try to get to 3rd base. I’d go to some “make love not war” protest with her. 😒

  3. Oh its cgi..i saw 6 fingers on her weird ass hands at one moment but to b honest its at th point of blurring reality at this point. In bout another year itll be impossible to tell the difference. And just remember the government releases technology at 10 years after theyve had it..soooooo imagine what is already being faked to us. N in th future all your «content creators» will not even be real..they will be a machine to lead you into one train of thought.

  4. Well they are really screwing the pooch here. They’re abducted some random teenagers, given them vital information for the betterment of humanity… and then erased their memory. Now if they had read the papers more, maybe they could have abducted Stephen Hawking or something. But instead they snatched up Bambi here, who can’t manage to regurgitate even the basic idea she was meant to convey. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll work itself out.

  5. This is what, half a century old now.

    I know society is slow moving but in my head, I think we should hear more from abductees. Like this lady or Betty and Barney Hill, or Dorothy Izatt (I know they’ve passed). But UFOs and ETa and interdimensional beings aren’t really a IF anymore.
    So the next step should be why and what. Why do they keep coming and for what. And I think abductees have bits of information that perhaps can be pieced together as a whole.

    Also why don’t they ask these questions. That’s what I’d do. Why are you here, how did WE come to be, who made us, what is our point for being created, why aren’t they announcing themselves, why don’t they help humanity more directly, etc etc.

    I also know it would be amazing if they could share their tech, especially medical. So many ailments cured I’m sure.

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