Решил, что поделюсь этим и здесь. В 2001 году меня похитили двое «Серых».

Решил, что поделюсь этим и здесь. В 2001 году меня похитили двое «Серых».

Figured I’d share this here as well. In 2001, I was abducted by 2 «Greys»
byu/Grey-Hat111 inaliens

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  1. Damn… interesting what happened with this. Crazy about the past life memory… that’s not something I tend to think kids would dream. I believe you’re telling the truth! Hope everything is alright. There is definitely some spiritual shit to this.

  2. So many of these details are so close to a few of my own experiences. Especially the interior descriptions. Eg. I recall a «lab» or «exam room» that had a lot of copper hues on the floors and walls. Very intriguing account. Were there further encounters you recall?

  3. I mean either he’s a huge nerd like a lot of us and has consumed a tonne of reports, data, and media about the subject to say all that or he’s really recalling a lot of crazy details that correlate with many other people’s descriptions.

    I want it to be true so these people begin getting studied with genuine interest if disclosure happens and the taboo is gone.

  4. Having just watched Dolores Cannon, his story is extremely interesting.

    Dolores herself seems credible on the surface, I haven’t done any digging but I feel like she’s right on the money.

    People want objectivity and repeatability, but our whole life experience is subjective and I feel the beings do this one on one stuff for a reason.

  5. Howdy OP!
    The bright blue light shining through your bedroom window is exactly what my ex and I experienced while laying in bed, fully awake, in December 2018, except he jumped out of bed screaming and the light almost immediately disappeared right when he got up. As far as I’m aware neither of us were abducted that night, I’ve had unrelated MRIs and CT scans done since then and there doesn’t appear to be any implants in my body. But the bright blue light, so bright that it doesn’t cast a shadow like you said, is exactly what we saw. It «clicked on» and then «clicked off» after maybe three seconds, right when my ex got up screaming about «what the fuck was that, oh my God what the fuck was that?!» and trying to look out the window. It was 13 feet off the ground and we lived in a very rural area, there weren’t any houses or roads near this window and there were no sounds like someone climbing up to get to my window, or a helicopter or a low-flying plane, no sounds were accompanied by it.

    I’m hoping that once we do have disclosure and transparency that all of us who’ve witnessed that bright blue light can find some closure. It’s not a fun feeling to be afraid of your own bedroom window for years on end.

  6. Did you have any discernible evidence either at the injection site behind your ear or bruising the next day? Do you think these beings are inter-dimensional or that you were taken to a place in space outside of the earth?

  7. Oh shit dude this is you in the video?? Cheers man. Sorry that stuff happened I can see in glimpses of you recalling it the thousand yard stare. I’ll pack a bowl and show my roommate.
    Damn man. Damn.

  8. I’m with that they’re not angels or demons. I think that’s what people call them when their entire worldview needs to be filtered through religion for whatever reason. Not everything needs to connect. For thousands and thousands of years people lived in ignorance and made up stories to try and make sense of life, just like we do now. The truth doesn’t need to be this holistic idea that incorporates every bit of mystery.

  9. First off, I totally believe you went through all of this.

    Second, I find it funny that you mention «a long needle thing went into the area behind my ear» and the camera switches to the side cam, which shows you have a taper in. Is that coincidence, or does it symbolize your experience?

  10. I’m embarrassed or my just over thinking about, but a lot of the beginning this story is incredibly similar to what happened to me when I was 15….about 34 years ago. I never left the room, but the room kind of disappeared. I didn’t run or anything, just had at least 3 of them in the room, one right in my face.

    The craziest part was waking up…. Because I didn’t. My room light went back to normal, my light was on, and as soon as I could move again I sprinted down the hall to my parents room and slept on the floor.

    I’ve always had sleep issues….night terrors and paralysis etc…did sleep studies and all kind of shit. I told the doctors and therapists this stuff and they don’t know what to say.

    I work in medical research btw…specifically stem cell and cancer biology. I only say that because I am generally a skeptic. But there is more to all of this stuff than you or I know.

  11. I am convinced about the experiences of these abductees. However, it’s surprising that there seems to be no comprehensive research examining them physically over the decades. Specifically, has any study investigated a possible genetic factor that distinguishes these individuals from the general population, potentially making them more susceptible to these abductions? Are there any known studies or research on this topic that anyone is aware of?

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  13. What’s up with all the hostility in this thread? People accusing him of being high, misidentifying a sleep paralysis episode, or just straight up “nah you’re lying.” What ever happened to giving people the benefit of the doubt? Wtf do we know about this man’s personal experience?

  14. I mean could be real or could not be. I mean only you know. I’m a believer that there must be life outside ourselves out there and something like this is possible. Hopefully you don’t end up like what they made you see in the box. They could be either showing you the future or subliminally hypnotizing you.

  15. That’s one hell of a story.
    Thanks for sharing it.
    I think the more people that share their stories will come to understand that others have very similar situations of their own.
    We are not alone.

  16. Hey OP, thank you for sharing your story. You may want to also share this with r/Experiencers, think many over there would appreciate it as well (many ‘Mantis-being’ experiencers will be able to relate).

  17. these experiences are similar what they did to me in 2003, they put me in some kind of a vr information download universe, and made me forget much of the detail, i remember symbols, seeing images ‘side by side’, landscapes people chilling.

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