Логан Пол обращается к видео Чака Кларка

Логан Пол обращается к видео Чака Кларка

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  1. Logan going on about how it was selfish for this guy to not release the footage is kinda ironic given the fact that Logan himself won’t either. Also, this video made it pretty clear to me that the footage is FAR from convincing evidence that aliens exist

  2. Ok folks I know most of you don’t understand Logan Paul, so let me break this down. He was never going to release the video immediately or perhaps at all, let me explain.

    The first step was him letting this story build interest for weeks and get people who have never heard of him googling his name, tweeting, clicking his vids etc. this is his business and he’s one of the best at it.

    Step 2 is where we are at now. He confirms he has the video, but has reasons why he won’t deliver. This refreshes the cycle and people are talking about him again, posting, tweeting, clicking. You’re not going to hear anymore from him for a while, he’s going to milk that attention, which equals money, for a while.

    The next step down the road will be he will dedicate a podcast or video to it, not show it, rinse and repeat. Then he will go on other podcasts etc and keep increasing his presence. Don’t be surprised when you see him on Ancient Aliens lol. It certainly helps that he has one of the most respected and credible film makers in the community name dropping him.

    Logan Paul just tapped into a brand new stream of revenue. He is going to reach hundreds of thousands of people who he never had access to before. Entirely new opportunities and engagements. And this will make him a LOT of money.

  3. He also says everything about the video screams bullshit. It seems pretty obvious to me, despite not seeing it, that the video was probably cobbled together by a film studio as a trailer/teaser to showcase what was then the burdgeoning digital SFX industry.

    It’s kind of surprising that James Fox has made such a big deal out of it.

  4. a lot of blabla again.

    «i’m waiting for more»
    «i’m waiting for the right moment»

    etc. etc. etc.. the same shit as always. always «oh in the future we will release everything. we swear!». it’s always «soon».

    feck that.

  5. Logan Paul and the rest of them have worked out how to monetise interest in the phenomenon.

    That’s it.

    He probably won’t release it, and if he does it’ll be crap. But he’s already done his job. Turned curiosity into Dollars.

    Absolute non story.

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