Скажи мне, что эта женщина лжет. Такого откровенного интервью я еще не видел. Инцидент с НЛО Pentyrch

Скажи мне, что эта женщина лжет. Такого откровенного интервью я еще не видел. Инцидент с НЛО Pentyrch

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  1. I’ve got some bad news for you….check out Caz Clarke’s social media. She’s a nutter, and her whole claim of having no interest in the subject isn’t true. To put it mildly.

    I found the same video insanely compelling, only to be let down at Bob Lazar levels of fakery.

  2. If it was there for so long, why didn’t they pull out a cellphone this was what just a few years ago? They had enough firepower to take over a small country, sounds like an SF exercise to me. If there were multiple green objects ejected from a craft, reminds me of a HALO jump. They usually have very bright chem sticks so they can be tracked and told corrections on the ground.

  3. From a military standpoint wtf is the point of sending slow moving aircraft to intercept this thing? If anyone has ever seen the military run night ops with aircraft it’s very easy to mistake aircraft for other things when all their lights are off. One aircraft(more than likely helos) in the lead might have a single green NAV light on and everyone else is completely dark running night vision. None of this story makes sense from someone who has been on night ops involving aircraft.

  4. So, she’s there watching this for a long time and neither she, nor anyone else thought to record any of this on their phone? This massive pyramid shooting lightning and orbs and no one else sees it? Helicopters trying to intercept it? Lol.

  5. I agree. This is what I would sound like if I saw one. Clear story, no frills. She’s great. And there r several other witnesses, simultaneous corresponding social media comments, physical evidence on the ground and on her. Military was involved, roads were blocked off etc etc
    Go with ur gut. She’s legit.

  6. Sounds like the military was scouting the area out for a few days in preparation for the military drill. She could have been seeing helicopters and flares.

    Not saying she’s lying — she could truly believe she saw something remarkable. I just think she’s wrong.

  7. submission statement: The Pentyrch UFO Incident documentary has an amazing interview with multiple witnesses. I don’t know why but I 100% believe everything she says. «barrel-shaped» objects (tic tacs) and triangles.

  8. LARPing is what she’s doing here.

    I saw a video on YouTube about this and she was being interviewed at the very spot where she supposedly witnessed this. It was right behind some houses and I remember thinking, «so nobody from these houses reported anything about all the noise and commotion that was going on?».

    Also, in the same video, she said there was someone else with her who witnessed everything as well (this person didn’t want to come forward). Very conveniently, both of their phones stopped working which is why there’s no photos or videos of this!

  9. I don’t feel like the people in the comments watched the full video.
    At 21:44, the government could have just said that they didn’t know anything about any pyramid shaped craft but instead they said «they hold information related to the request» but won’t release the information due to «public interest». They didn’t deny seeing any craft described by this woman.

  10. The “snow” was white Phos-Chek most likely. It’s a flame suppressant system. This whole thing reads like an accident or like an exercise for SAS rapidly deploying and retrieving sensitive items. The whole world knows when shit falls out of the sky and it’s often a race to retrieve it.

  11. The similarity to the description in this video and the craft seen over the Kremlin and the Pentagon is staggering.

    Add in the fact that the Apache’s were seen flashing strobe lights toward the UAP as they approached before the huge explosions were heard and the smoke seen/windows rattled in town. I theorize that the strobes were a form of IFF signal that the military was using as a means to get the craft to lower its defenses before ungabunga with some spicy rocks.

  12. As many comments here say; she’s lying. I also felt she was genuine but lesson learned!
    She’s a PERFECT example of if someone tells the same story every time — doesn’t mean they’re telling the truth. Could almost mean the opposite imo

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