Что люди думают об этом?

Привет. Это последний видео-трейлер от доктора Стивена Грира, который обещает поделиться некоторыми «ГЛАВНЫМИ НОВОСТЯМИ» о движении за раскрытие информации в июне. Я просмотрел так много его видео, которые заявляют о раскрытии новой информации об истине об инопланетянах и полном раскрытии, но предложенные даты и информация, объявленная раскрытой, никогда не происходит. Что вы думаете?

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  1. I can’t remember if I saw this in its entirety, but, if I remember correctly, there are going to be new people coming forward. All of this is great — it really is, but there needs to be something or someone who can come forward with incontrovertible evidence about their relationship with the government and the phenomenon to **break the hold that the DOD has on the information**. I use DOD in general, but whatever faction is within the DOD and in control of the info is really what I mean. This break technically happened and was almost enough when Elizondo, Mellon, and Semivan came forward, but after the circus that was the DOD denying Elizondo’s role, admitting it, then denying it again before Reid had to speak out, they managed to regain control of the narrative and are trying to convince everyone that the source of the UAPs (for over 100 years is implied) is an adversarial nation like Russia or China, which is complete nonsense.

    I suspect it will only take one more crack to sever their hold on the narrative.

  2. They’re both grifters. 100yrs ago I believed them (Greer & 3d phase) in their desire4 disclosure (which is prob true) but they’re just grifting along (reminiscent of an American politician), taking wot they can from the gulible.

  3. If they are selling you they have secret knowledge, have a group and has anything to do with preying. We call them cults.
    This is his new recruiting drive. See him for what he is.

  4. I think Greer is a con-man.

    It was actually pretty gross for him to appeal to people to come forward TO HIM so that he could «protect» them and bring them to congress. Uh, no dude, the fucking law is what protects people, and you really aren’t necessary in that process.

    I guess someone took his bait, and he will now use them to bolster his own career. Disgusting.

  5. The Cousins are known hoaxer videographers, correct? Why would someone who is interested in genuine disclosure be taking an interview with this guy? To me that just signals I’m being trolled.

  6. You guys expect this to just magically happen while you eat cheetos and watch live on Mom’s tv.

    Dude. Disclosure happens within you.

    Take a walk on the wild side and realize

    We’re all right here. Always have been.

    The truth is what you’re afraid of, and that’s why it’s still locked up.

    Disclosure without dipping your toes into the expanse of the mystery would implode your whole reality.

    You take the leap.

    Find me and we’ll livestream it together 😘

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