Мысли о Kurzgesagt?

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Новое видео с немецкого короткометражного образовательно-развлекательного канала Kurzgesagt — [How To Win An Interstellar War](https://youtu.be/tybKnGZRwcU?si=O7EFjvGcuPhblwIT). Они известны тем, что исследуют возможности науки, от сфер Дайсона до ядерного Армагеддона, и в основном представляют собой просто забавные небольшие теоретические отрывки. Никогда не думал о них ничего, кроме забавных обучающих видеороликов. Однако, с тех пор, как я заинтересовался темой этого феномена, я заметил, что многие из их видеороликов основаны на пришельцах, и в сочетании с большим количеством видеороликов о ядерной войне + этот новый о том, как вести войну в космосе… являются ли они секретными? подготовительный агент или я сошел с ума? Вероятно, там вообще ничего не происходит, но есть пища для размышлений. Это всего лишь мои непосредственные мысли при просмотре видео (и я признаюсь, что сегодня я не в нем), но игнорируя мои мысли — что думают все остальные? Кто-нибудь еще смотрит эти видео и испытывает чувство «хммм»? (Лично я не сторонник «Проекта Голубой Луч»)

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  1. I have heard that before but not sure. From what I understand they are heavily funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation but haven’t looked much into it. Possibly is my best answer lol

  2. I dislike any media outlets that promote theories as fact. Cringe every time I see cosmological phenomena described as existing «X years after the big bang», especially in a post JWST world.

    Interesting thought experiment, but these scenarios are too weak to be taken seriously. A bit far out there too, this cartoon is trying to claim aliens can reliably aim a laser 42 light years away and actually hit Earth. Now excuse me I have to finish my nuclear chemistry course written by Stan Lee, published by ACME inc.

  3. Feels like the whole «Dyson sphere/swarm» concept doesn’t make sense. If we were stuck with out current physics for the next 1000 years, sure, its the only means to gather large amounts of energy. Thing is, were not at our peak, we never have been throughout history, physics/theories have always changed and adapted with time, why are we suddenly «done» now?

    If UAP are here, they clearly have a massive energy source that allows them to rip around as they do. With an energy source like that, why would you spend decades to centuries building such a massive structure for energy?

    It seems by the time you’re able to build such complexities, you’re more than likely at the point of discovering a newer more compact form of energy that can be expanded upon.

    I dont think we will be using solar panels and nuclear reactors, motors, etc in 1000 years. Grab the tech we have today and drag it back 1000 years and it’ll be damn magic to them. They couldn’t have imagined any of it, typically because when we imagine new things we build upon what we already know/have experienced.

    We don’t know what things will be like in 1000 years, let alone 100, could you have predicted tablets and iPhone type devices 40 years ago? To this extent? Star trek had somewhat of a decent guess but was still far far off. Thats just 40 years.

    Speed of c? Thats our current limit of understanding. We believe space/time is fundamental, we believe distances need to be traveled, we believe the only way for anything to travel is to rip through space with speed and energy. This is our current understanding. Doesnt mean its the case.

    We evolved to hunt and mate, not see the real truth of reality. We have 5 major senses, so the world displays itself through those 5 major senses. Just as a blind man from birth can’t comprehend how a pen and the ocean can both be blue, we cant comprehend aspects of reality we haven’t the sensory organs for.

    If we developed a sense to detect X, we would be aware of it all over the cosmos, it may even lead us to new understandings like how vision leads us to understanding the electromagnetic spectrum.

    So with our current knowledge of physics, sure, that’s how aliens would dispose of us.

    With the understanding of a species 1,000,000 years ahead of us? They may just invert our dimension and dump our planet into a pea sized consciously controlled spec of non existence, magic to us, typical every day science to them.

    Reality is far more complex than we evolved to see.

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