Я только что закончил смотреть документальный фильм 2021 года под названием «Наблюдатели», в котором, среди прочего, берут интервью у Стивена Грира и Лу Элизондо. Я не знаю, что делать с ними обоими, поэтому я спрашиваю вас всех: что вы думаете о Стиве и Лю? Вот ссылка на документальный фильм на YouTube: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53gHPAoghFk](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53gHPAoghFk)

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  1. Greer is a confirmed absolute nutjob that’s seemingly trying to create something akin to a cult and makes ridiculous claims. Definite fraud, although his initial 2001 conference was a good thing.

    Lue seemed like the real deal at first, but I’ve recently changed my mind on him and think he’s just Bob Lazar with a security clearance. He seemingly took interest in the issue, was able to get some funding, and had a hobby program of studying UFOs while working at the CIA. He’s not gonna tell us anything we don’t know, and his book and run for congress were always going to be the endgame.

  2. I think Lue is a modern Richard Doty, new and improved, throwing us off the truth while making us all think he’s championing for it.

    I think Greer is a conman, liar, and fraud that’s all about making money and being a worshipped Guru in the eyes of his cult like followers.

  3. > I don’t know what to make of them both, so I am asking you all: what do you think of Steve & Lue?

    What does it matter? This is, yet again, just another post eliciting opinion and tittle-tattle about online *media* celebrities and peoples perceptions and beliefs about *them* — it has shit all to do with the subject of this forum: **UFO’s**.

    It doesn’t matter who said what about *whatever* — they’re all non-entities dependent on your approval: if a one of them had so much as a vertebrae between them they’d log in places like this *without* capitalizing on their established names and see how long they lasted.

    If you want to spend your life jumping to face where ever some talentless twat on the internet tells you to look — do that. Just be honest about it and own it.

    If you want to know the truth — do *actual* research, not sitting on your backside all day watching YouTube — that isn’t research, that’s just watching YouTube.

    Sightings data is mostly open source — you’re never going to see an actual UFO on the internet, if you want the real thing you have to go outside: that’s basically all there is.

    Anyone tells you different, they’re a lying.



  4. I don’t trust Steve’s face.

    I think Lue is good but the fact that this is the best and brightest you’re sending me, en totale, is absolutely pathetic.

    There are probably dozens of astronauts who have seen UFOs and space aliens. There are definitely hundreds of pilots who have. Why not send *them*? Why I gotta deal with some dude who’s pushing 70, whose only claim to fame is that he’s a ‘ufologist’? The fuck is that? There are no CARologists. What a stupid fucking ‘discipline.’

    At least Lue is former intelligence. I don’t mind him. He seems genuine and he would probably be pleasant to talk to. What exactly he brings to the ‘table’, I don’t know. But at least he has a friendly face and seems genuinely good-natured/good-humored.

    I’m not looking forward to talking to *your* side of First Contact. Bunch of grifters and crazy people. Did you know that there’s some lady who says she’s possessed by an angel? And she has a cult, too.

    This is gonna *suck*.

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