Увечья коров в Алабаме в 1993 году.

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Мой отец был репортером в Алабаме в 90-х. Эту статью он написал для местной газеты в 1993 году. Мне она показалась довольно интересной. Что вы думаете?

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  1. Is this the same Fyffe that had UFO sightings back in ‘89? ( including seen by the police chief!)…I specifically remember it, because he joked his name wasn’t Barney…😂
    some you tube videos on interviews at the time…WDEF news 12 had one, for example

  2. This is a fantastic find!!

    I really like the comment that the materials taken from mutilated cattle could be bought from any slaughter house.

    I am also interested that they talk about high temp evidence around incisions. I think this was in Beyond Skinwalker Ranch, but I’ve heard lasers discussed as M.O. possibility for cattle mutilations

  3. Super interesting thanks for posting. If these are NHI, instead of some weird surgeon school hazing thing, it really makes me wonder why the fuck they are doing it in the first place. Practicing? Like everyone always has such a benevolent view of aliens but I’ve never heard them explain why they would want to do something like this.

  4. I grew up on Sand Mountain and very much remember this, along with the police chief sighting back in 89. My family definitely spend a couple evenings UFO hunting, but never saw anything I also remember someone wrote and recorded a low-budget country song called something like It Scared the Life Out of Fyffe (and the Devil Out of Me). Good times

  5. I think…. where is the info on the science behind the analysis?

    White substances that turns metal to goo isn’t something humans have. If there was physical evidence, what happened to it? Who collected it? Who studied it? Where’s the report? Where are they now?

    I mean, that evidence would be huge in terms of proof, right? Does your dad have any more info?

  6. Interesting, but how would a molecular biologist be able to identify Titanium under a SEM? I used Scanning Electrone Microscopy and there a clearly no labels that tell you what is what. Maybe it was a geologist?

  7. If these mutilations are what we think they are and some missing person cases are what we think they are and abduction reports are genuine, why aren’t humans found with evidence of strange surgeries and missing parts. Are they that clever, knowing that humans are less interested in cattle, and not interested at all in wild animal mutilations.

  8. They’re human-caused mutilations. The allegations that ET does these things is unconvincing propaganda. Not the first time helicopters were spotted near mutilations. It’s CIA, in my view;)

  9. If NHI were doing cattle mutilations, for whatever reason, just how many do they need?

    And why wouldn’t they eventually start raising their own cattle on their ships, or their secret caves/bunkers/lairs/underseas dwellings?

  10. Ok, random question. What’s the general opinion on the cow mutilation stuff? What does the alien community believe? Like, why would aliens do that, and keep doing that. And have they done that to people?

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