Скептицизм и великое открытие

Скептицизм и великое открытие

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  1. There seems to be a misunderstanding by author regarding “science” and “disclosure”. The disclosure buzz word, if defined, would be: the process of making secret information (specifically regarding information pertaining to non human intelligence) known. Science is not disclosure. Disclosure requires someone to have information that someone else does not have. Science, is the study of the physical and natural world. Science does not involve its self in the “supernatural” since by definition it cannot be observed in the natural world. Right now Religion, Gods, Ancient Aliens, etc all falls into the supernatural category. If information were released that allowed for the study of the structure/behaviour/system pertaining to non human intelligence, than science can make the leap from supernatural to natural. There is no one in science that should be saying “it doesn’t exist” or “it can’t be real”…the proper scientific response to anything supernatural should be “I don’t have any evidence to measure or observe, so I can’t say either way.”

    I think maybe what the author was alluding to, was that “scientists” aren’t doing (or haven’t been doing) much to gather any evidence regarding non human intelligence. And to that I would agree, there is little to no funding for study of the paranormal, and many “scientists” won’t even consider trying to gather evidence. Which, is a shame. If I recall, there is some quote out there by a famous scientist of old who suggests that science gave up trying to study the paranormal, and that due to this we will never see major advancement.

  2. This is a recent video by AsteronX.

    The International Research Institute for Space–AsteronX proposes a global effort, a large space project which we call The Eos Project, that utilises the most sophisticated technologies and scientific principles to develop extensive non-terrestrial infrastructure, to enable the highest possible living standard for all human beings, on Terra and future non-terrestrial settlements. The proposed aim of this effort is the improvement of the standard of living on Terra through the development and incentivisation of new technologies, including Clean Fusion Energy and Vacuum Energy, and the establishment of a Terran Union, a global cooperative union of individuals.


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