Что Джимми Картер на самом деле думал об НЛО и почему он это скрывал

Что Джимми Картер на самом деле думал об НЛО и почему он это скрывал

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  1. What Jimmy Carter really thought about UFOs — and why he hid it

    It was out of this world, y’all.

    In 1969, Jimmy Carter, along with ten others, witnessed what the to-be president called a “very remarkable sight” in the skies over Georgia.

    “As bright as the moon and about as big,” he later wrote of the unidentified flying object in a report to the Oklahoma City-based International UFO Bureau, while governor of the Peach State.

    “[The object] seemed to move toward us from a distance, stopped, moved partially away, returned, then departed. Bluish at first, then reddish, luminous, not solid,” he wrote descriptively.

    The experience stirred the would-be No. 39 to bring UFO’s into the conversation during his campaign in 1976.

    “If I become President, I’ll make every piece of information that this country has about UFO sightings available to the public,” he told the American people. “I am convinced that UFOs exist because I have seen one.”

    Today, Carter’s promise of transparency is considered to have made a major contribution to the conversation surrounding intelligent life beyond Earth — even if he wasn’t always happy he’d stuck his neck out on the subject.

    “Jimmy Carter is responsible for releasing about half of the government’s UFO files to the public,” Grant Cameron, author of the new book “Jimmy Carter: Paranormal and UFO Tales,” out Thursday, told The Post.

    Cameron, whose book consists of archived information from the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum and more dated reports of the time, explained that Carter became known as “the UFO president” for the move — a reputation that haunts the humble peanut farmer, now 98, to this day.


  2. I think the answer is so terrible that anyone who knows it doesn’t share because they feel bad about the truth. Something like, everything is fake and just a simulation. The more people who truly KNOW this (and not just think it might be true) the more the simulation will break down and cease to exist. In order to keep it going and keep everyone “alive” the people who truly know have to keep it secret for the sake of their families and everyone else who exists.

  3. I saw a UFO.in Clearwater in 2009. Was moving from west to east in the southern sky. Looked like a kite made out of metallic mylar…like the emergency blankets. Changed shapes as it went, folding in and out but never changed its heading. Could have been a kite I suppose but seemed like a long way away.

  4. If this story is true, and knowing Donald dumph, he would have spilled the beans as soon as he learned them, and tried to use it to his advantage. If anyone can’t keep a secret, it’s that person.

  5. Carter’s sighting has been 100% solved, to his satisfaction. Why is news of that apparently being actively suppressed in the UFO community?

    The widespread UFO community endorsement of the Jimmy Carter report is very illustrative of why ‘ufology’ gets no respect from real scientists. The UFO industry unanimously made zero effort to verify even the most basic data on the years-afterward report, like date/time and location and additional witnesses, simple context info critical to any genuine investigation. This fundamental flaw of omission in their approach may have been based on their appreciation of the publicity value of the report, too valuable to risk losing if it turned out there was prosaic explanation. When the actual location/date was tracked down by Robert Sheaffer, a number of ‘classic’ stimuli for UFO reports became visible. The main one was that at that actual place and time, and in the direction Carter reported looking, NASA was conducting a barium-cloud science launch that created a bright weird cloud in the sky — it was all over the local papers the following morning, as anybody would have found if they had bothered to look. When you note that the UFO industry and exploitative internet blogs continue to conceal that suggestive ‘coincidence’ [thoroughly documented], you know all you need to about their intellectual integrity.


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