Фонд SOL Гарри Нолана, изучающий НЛО, проводит первую конференцию — давайте посмотрим, что обсуждалось

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Фонд SOL Гарри Нолана, изучающий НЛО, проводит первую конференцию — давайте посмотрим, что обсуждалось

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  1. Patrick discusses SOL FOUNDATION’s first event. We take a look at a video Joe Murgia put up on his twitter that explains some of the topics covered and gives us some insight into what was discussed. A video of the event is supposed to be released at a later date.

    **More On SOL FOUNDATION (From Their Website- Link Below):**

    ***Sol Foundation Launches to Research Unidentified Aerial Phenomena***
    ***New scientific foundation will convene world class scholars and civil service experts to conduct academic studies into the implications of UAP***

    ***Organization will also provide tangible policy recommendations to government leaders based on its cutting-edge research***

    *Palo Alto, CA – August 15, 2023 – Today marks the launch of the Sol Foundation, a new think tank that has been established to research the philosophical, policy, and scientific implications of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).*

    *Led by Dr. Garry Nolan, Professor in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine and sociocultural anthropologist Dr. Peter Skafish, Sol Foundation is assembling teams of world-class academics and government experts – including former Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (IC IG) I. Charles McCullough III serving as legal counsel – to conduct research and provide policy expertise around UAP, as well as help set the agenda for the wider study of UAP.*

    *As the revelation of the reality of UAP is likely to be world-changing in every sense of the term, Sol Foundation’s mission is to be a leading source of research on the issue, while providing the most informed and insightful policy recommendations to governments. The Foundation will encourage greater government transparency, drive collaborative sharing and review of academic insight, and champion methodical, scientifically-robust assessment and analysis.*

    *“As governments begin to acknowledge and openly discuss UAP, the time has come for serious and credible academic research into the potential nature of UAP and the broad implications for science and policy,” said Dr. Garry Nolan, Executive Director of the Board at Sol Foundation. “We are committed to helping guide the public conversation on a mass scale in terms that everyone can understand.”*

    *In its advisory research, Sol Foundation will recommend federal policies for dealing with the unprecedented challenges raised by UAP. The Foundation will release upcoming white papers to offer legislators recommendations on how existing programs in the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and some federal departments might begin to devote time, resources, and personnel to the study of UAP. It is also working to develop an initial UAP policy framework for the European Union.*

    *“What sets Sol Foundation apart from other emerging UAP organizations is that it will be led by several of the foremost public voices on UAP – many of whom come from the upper tiers of academia and government,” said Dr. Peter Skafish, Director of Research at Sol Foundation. “We are bringing together noted specialists in the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, and engineering, information science, and other technology-focused disciplines to not only develop purely academic research, but to provide advisory and policy recommendations to the public sector.”*

    *On November 17-19, Sol Foundation will host its first annual conference at Stanford University where it will cover topics ranging from the scientific study of UAP data, philosophical questions raised by the phenomena, and related global security issues.*


    SOL FOUNDATION Website: [https://thesolfoundation.org](https://thesolfoundation.org)

    Joe Murgia Video Explaining Event: [https://x.com/TheUfoJoe/status/1725767025186971693?s=20](https://x.com/TheUfoJoe/status/1725767025186971693?s=20)

    Slide Shown During Conference: [https://x.com/AdamGoldsack/status/1726238303488213132?s=20](https://x.com/AdamGoldsack/status/1726238303488213132?s=20)

    Alex Dietrich Tweet: [https://x.com/DietrichVFA41/status/1726261403370267088?s=20](https://x.com/DietrichVFA41/status/1726261403370267088?s=20)

    Ryan Graves Tweet: [https://x.com/uncertainvector/status/1726095518106079660?s=20](https://x.com/uncertainvector/status/1726095518106079660?s=20)

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