Гипотеза инкубатора (и почему мы не видели инопланетян)

[https://singularitywatch.substack.com/p/the-incubator-hypothesis](https://singularitywatch.substack.com/p/the-incubator-hypothesis) Это статья, которую я написал, и ее читали около 15 минут. TL;DR заключается в том, что я пытаюсь ответить на парадокс Ферми, предполагая, что жизнь очень распространена и происходит постоянно, но всегда приводит к технологической сингулярности. Период, в течение которого у нас есть разумная органическая жизнь (например, люди), — это небольшая вспышка в любой временной шкале, и органический разум никогда не понимает, как перемещаться между звездами. Я предполагаю, что продвинутый инопланетный разум всегда неорганичен, а также не имеет сколько-нибудь значительного следа в физической вселенной, по крайней мере, в той мере, в какой мы можем понять или наблюдать. Конец статьи касается UAP/UFO. Если они инопланетяне, то моя гипотеза гласит, что они не являются органическим разумом. Всякий раз, когда я публикую их, я получаю много негативных комментариев, таких как «Кто ты??? Почему я должен это читать???» Я парень, который написал статью о сингулярности и инопланетянах, и вам не нужно это читать, если вы не хотите! Я рад начать любую дискуссию, хотя!

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  1. It’s an interesting theory that is loosely referenced in some other established Fermi Paradox «solutions».

    It’s really mind-blowing to think that there could have been thousands of other intelligences like ours at different points in time, but we were never alive at the same time to see each other. Even if they colonized their planets the way we did, and we figured out ways navigate the universe more efficiently, everything would have likely eroded after millions of years, so we’d never know.

    The only criticism I have of this theory is that it completely discounts the overwhelming amount of reports of people seeing and even being abducted by organic beings. What are your thoughts on that?

    Also, not sure why this sub is so hostile toward these sort of posts. Sometimes it seems like they’d rather just upvote that «Pentagon Alien Mothership» article for the hundredth time than actually have a discussion.

  2. Who is dis?! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|trollface)

    Nah seriously, yes I do believe in your hypothesis, but why should it be absolute. Maybe the truth is in between. Maybe biological aliens and « robots » live together and help each other.

    Also when we say biological creatures can’t travel between stars, we are projecting our technological AND biological limitations upon other species. Which we shouldn’t do.

  3. Who is «we»? Plenty of people have seen aliens.
    A lot of scientists think the ingredients necessary for biological life to begin on Earth came from outer space. All of these theories do not have any supporting evidence of any kind.. If they are non organic why are they flying in UAPs

  4. I enjoyed reading your piece. Clearly, you’ve put a good deal of thought into this. In truth, I skim-read it in about four minutes. I’m certain I missed nuanced details. I will read for content later, if you and I have a nice discussion.


    1) I don’t see that you’ve defined singularity. The article provides me with a sense of what you mean by this term but I cannot be certain. This definition could also be seen as an assumption.

    2) As read the article, about half-way through I thought to myself, «This is more of a summary and re-statement of existing theories that it is an argument that organic life is simply a step en route to technological aka post-singularity existence. (do i correctly summarize your ideas here?)

    3) There are a couple of acronyms I am unaware of their meanings.



    I like that you have taken a topic for which there is a great deal of confusion and conspiracy theory-esque ideas and distilled it into a meaningful argument.

    I find the linkages to other ideas i.e. Hoffman and Kurzweil, intriguing.


    My spin:

    Inorganic and organic matter reflect different degrees or levels of organization. For example, protons, neutrons, and electrons must achieve a certain degree of organization to become an atom such as carbon. An even greater degree of organization is necessary for carbon to bond with hydrogen to form organic molecules. Forming these atoms into cells or organs requires yet an even greater level of organization. With sufficient organization, inorganic atoms can achieve various physical properties including life and later consciousness. This is the meaning of life: subject an arrangement and organization of atoms to organic stressors found on the 3D plane to prepare and refine those atoms for higher planes of existence.

    What are your thoughts, Michael?

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