Новое интервью с отставным офицером ЦРУ Джоном Рамиресом о слушаниях UAP на этой неделе, графике раскрытия информации, интересе правительства к тем, кто испытал это явление, и фактах о внутренней работе правительственных спецслужб и ЦРУ.

Новое интервью с отставным офицером ЦРУ Джоном Рамиресом о слушаниях UAP на этой неделе, графике раскрытия информации, интересе правительства к тем, кто испытал это явление, и фактах о внутренней работе правительственных спецслужб и ЦРУ.

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  1. Submission Statement:

    Retired CIA Officer John Ramirez, in an interview with the OPUS Network, discuss several topics related to UFO/UAP phenomena that I want to highlight here.

    First off, I would recommend listening to the whole interview, great information!

    Ramirez’s thoughts on this weeks UAP hearing and Dr. Kirkpatrick:

    «First of all, I would say that Dr. Kirkpatrick um did a wonderful job compared to his two other predecessors on the witness stand, if you will, and that would be Mr. Moultrie who is his boss the under
    secretary of defense for intelligence and security and uh with uh Mr. Bray who was in charge of the UAP task force and then is now the deputy director of The Office of of Naval intelligence I believe that is his position so I think he did a wonderful job but again **I would
    like to emphasize that disclosure will not come at a congressional hearing or in front of a podium with an official standing behind it that’s not what disclosure is going to be it’s going to be a bigger event and it will happen**»

    Ramirez on disclosure timeline:

    «My friend Steve Bassett, I’m sure a lot of folks know Steve and he’s a wonderful guy, now he’s saying something very accurate.
    **He’s saying disclosure will happen in months. Not years. Months.
    And I fully endorsed that statement** that it will happen in that way and it will happen in a dramatic way and not just a hearing so I’ll just leave it at that because it’s premature to talk about
    uh-huh and I’ll just, I’ll just say stay tuned»

    Ramirez on 2024 US Presidential election:

    «I would make the bold claim that it’s a possibility that whoever wins the 2024 presidential election will become the disclosure president. So, let’s be mindful of who we support when we look at the cast of characters out there — or characters, as you say. Um, because, uh, the pace of where this is going, we hope that these formers who ran departments and agencies will speak up. And these are credible people — credible people, uh, who were in the public eye in the public domain as officers of the United States government. When they say something, and you have somebody who wants to be president, right, that dialogue needs to be part of the political process.

    So, right now, you can’t get a CNN or Fox News or MSNBC correspondent sitting on the table in a debate to ask that UAP question. But when this happens, which I say months and not years before January 1st, 2024, wouldn’t it be remarkable that in a presidential debate, for the first time, somebody representing one of these mainstream media organizations would be bold enough to ask that question as part of the debate?

    Sir or madam, you want to be the president of the United States. We heard from officials formerly in the U.S government. Now, what is your policy toward disclosing information about what has gone on? That is the key.»

    Ramirez on higher consciousness, Government interest in experiencers, and the «woo» aspects of the UAP phenomena:

    The government absolutely knows that, yes, the Consciousness, higher Consciousness aspect of the phenomenon is not to be ignored. I shout out to Dr. Greer — he produced a movie a while back, I think it was in 2019, about, um, I think it was called «Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.» And toward the end of this movie, like the last quarter of the movie, he stated something very profound that everyone should pay attention to. And that is this: **That the government started to take this more seriously when the government realized that there was a higher Consciousness aspect to the phenomena; that what we’re witnessing are manifestations of higher Consciousness from these beings, wherever they came from, or maybe they’re here now, or maybe they’ve always been here now, and that these are the beings that humans once worshiped as Gods.** There are higher Consciousness beings. And when the government realized that, when they saw the orbs, and not necessarily structured craft of various sizes and shapes, but actual orbs that started to communicate with people, and as you know, a lot of experiencers have communications with these orbs, if not beings themselves, and when that communication was realized to be real, that’s when the government starts to say, «Wow, we need to pay much more attention to this.»

    Therefore, when you have a credible witness, such as Chris Bledsoe, and you interviewed his son Ryan, just recently, and I think it’s been posted today, it’s a wonderful interview with Ryan, he said something that people should pay attention to. **My friend Jim Simivan, who was retired CIA at the time that he visited the Bledsoes, um, personal from NASA came, and then Ryan listed all these alphabet soup agencies, you name it, it was practically the intelligence community knocking on Chris’s door. Why did they do that? Here was Chris Bledsoe, a private contractor, he had a construction business, right, near North Carolina, right? And so here comes the intelligence community knocking on his door. Why did they do that? Because he had a communication experience that seemed credible. And not only that, that he saw the Lady in White and something about the Lady in White triggered, saying, ‘Oh my gosh, he saw the Lady, let’s go visit him.’ Doesn’t that hint to you that the intelligence community knows about what most people call higher strangeness? That’s a big clue as to the interests that the government now places on experiences.»

    «I have a dear friend his name is Michael uh
    he’s not prepared to come forward but he’s a CIA officer retired named Michael and he told me before we even knew about
    the Bledsoes this was like the early 2000s because Chris had his experience in 2012 I believe before that in the early 2000s Michael
    told me I was visited by the lady in white and she had a message she had a message that there would be signs to look for in the future and that we are not good stewards of the planet»

  2. I personally don’t see any major disclosure happening in our lifetime (pessimist I hear you say, lol). Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence/proof — John Ramirez says that there will be a global disclosure event in months (on Twitter??). I don’t think it’s true, in fact it’s too naïve to think anything major will happen in 2023-2024 (This is what John Ramirez says in the video). If we are lucky, some government somewhere will release the information they have. This could very well be Putin, for all we who know, because USA are not going to admit this stuff any time soon.

    Kirkpatrick already alluded to that on 19th April 2023 hearing… he said he has not seen any evidence that any of the over 600 videos they have in their possession for analysis contain any craft that belong to ET. So you can already see where this is going to. All they will say is they have observed the craft for many years, but they still have no idea and they will expect you and I to believe that. They will just end up saying «We do not know what those crafts are and where they come from!»

    If they wanted to release any information to the people, they have PLENTY of evidence and they can do it in one press conference that is not drawn out over years of ‘studies’. You know this is 100% true. Disclosure will come from the people or from ET themselves, not from the major superpowers of this world, and you can take that to the bank!

    If you’re interested to know why the governments went back to the moon since 1970s then read the book — ‘Penetrations’ by Ingo Swann (father of Remote Viewing). It’s because ET have bases on the dark side of the moon, NASA keeps this as a secret together with the governments of the world. Look into ‘Transient Lunar Phenomena’ to understand this more, that has been recorded for hundreds of years.

    Barrack Obama confirms what I am saying here — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxreSxkvETI

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