Какая-то история за этой фотографией?

Что является источником?

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  1. it looks like props staged in a hotel that was being used for filming or some other entertainment. them shits are just chilling in a carpeted ballroom.

    the similarities between them make them look conspicuously mass produced from the same reference, though *i guess* i concede that there might be a race of identical clone aliens out there.

  2. Taking a shot in the dark here but assuming this is real, and assuming any non-human intelligent life is looking at this, I’m sorry for your loss. I hope we were able to get the bodies back to your people.

  3. I have a good video of an alien in captivity but i don’t know how to post with low karma.

    Why is everything got to do with social media horsecrap these days? low karma values lol its like enforcing a person who never spoke in a group to agree with whats been said by others in the group in order to have any say in said group, whoops your karma is low, access denied.

  4. That’s actually my basement..the bodies were donated to me by aliens and I didn’t know what to do with them so they are getting pretty rotten. Of course I did do a brain transplant with one of them and now I have an alien brain. Now I have crazy out of this world mental powers. I made the ceiling evaporate off a friend’s house. Hes still pretty mad but what are you gonna do

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