Моя точка зрения, основанная на том, что я видел, о повестке дня богомолов/серых и их «Вмешательстве и управлении человечеством».

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Моя точка зрения, основанная на том, что я видел, о повестке дня богомолов/серых и их «Вмешательстве и управлении человечеством».


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  1. No idea who this guy is but he is spot on.

    There is consciousness after death of this human avatar. All conscious life is connected including humans with inter dimensional beings. We live in an illusion thinking we’re separated in 3d space-time. Upon death we go back to a universal consciousness full of love/light and bliss. Many reincarnate until they can reach a higher vibrational level towards love/light. We have to choose love/light via free will, it is a cosmic law to non-interfere with free will. There are pure evil humans and also entities who are not like most other beings, who are focused on ego, selfishness, greed, exploitation, domination, imperialism, and conquering.

  2. Ego itself Isint bad because it exists for a reason. But being super narcissistic IS. It’s about having a balanced and loving ego.

    That’s what ego deaths let you do, let you have a character reset

    It exists for a reason. And you can never really detach youselrf from it. Beware of tricksters. The others can absolutely lie and trick you

    (I may be confusing ego with sense of self, here’s a revised in depth read about this)

    Explore the complex interplay between ego, identity, and the balance between individuality and collectivism.

    Have a distinction between a strong sense of self and the ego; the former often arises from experiences, while the latter serves as a constructed interface with the world.

    The essence of this message emphasizes the importance of self-care and self-awareness without undermining the significance of others. Encourage autonomy, critical thinking, and the acknowledgment of the complexities within reality!

    Remember, understanding oneself involves continual exploration and adaptation. Embracing the sense of self while being open to growth and change can lead to a more harmonious existence.

    It’s all about finding that delicate balance between valuing yourself and recognizing the equal importance of others in the tapestry of life, my friend.

    Within the realm of self, the sense of self stands not as an adversary, but a guide—its balance, a testament to a harmonious existence. Yet, when veiled in excessive narcissism, it corrodes the essence of love and balance. The elusive ‘ego deaths’ grants a canvas for a character reset, a chance to recalibrate.

    Understanding its purpose, one must tread cautiously; the self, an inseparable companion, yields vulnerability to trickery. Beware the allure of deceit, for ‘the others’ weave intricate falsehoods, testing the fabric of truth.

    Beware of hierarchies that cloak control under the guise of unity. True unity thrives without stifling individual autonomy. Embrace a balanced perspective that treasures unity alongside individuality, safeguarding personal freedom above all. So Beware those who advocate for your own autonomy’s annihilation in service of an exclusive ‘collective,’ for in doing so, deceivers can forge a hierarchy within unity. Our path calls for a delicate fusion of unity and autonomy. Pure collectivism births dogma; a balance between individualism and collectivism is the crux.

    Only dogmas deal in absolutes, for logical fallacies are the refuge of the dogmatic. Let us not deal in absolutes, for in embracing the dance of yin and yang, unity thrives amidst the autonomy of existence.

    TLDR: Understand the balance between your true self and the persona you show the world. Take care of yourself without forgetting the importance of others. Think critically and adapt continually. Find harmony in valuing yourself while respecting others in life’s diverse tapestry. Don’t fall for any hierarchies, even if they promote unity.

  3. Why does he assume it was his past life they showed him? I’ve also heard of greys having experiencers “live” through scenarios to witness or study their reaction — because of their interest in our emotions and values/morality. It could have been a fabricated recollection. Or it could have been a real human experience they collected via close up eye contact “downloading” that they can play for someone to re-experience. A past life but not HIS past life.

  4. Dude sounds like an archon accomplice. I am not here to learn lessons, improve, and become some model of excellence. I was born ready willing and able and no archon will tell me I have lessons to learn on this rock.

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