Сегодня поймал это над Фениксом.

Сегодня поймал это над Фениксом.

Caught this over Phoenix today.
byu/ManiacBlack inUFOs

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  1. Caught this over Phoenix today around 4:30. Seemed to move from around the central valley up north and then started heading out east over the course of about 30 mins. Weather ballon maybe?

  2. I want to say two things.
    1: for those participating not just in Phoenix btw, make notes of any odd, interesting or strange phenomena. Paranormal or otherwise. When messing with reality, weird thing’s can and do tend to happen. Think of bugs with technology, outages, weird lighting or audio, weird visions, dream’s and sensations.
    2: extend the time period out. Just because this has happened today does not mean that a reaction happens right away. Could be day’s or week’s.

    Something else to think about. Did this current mass thought experiment create the phoenix lights experience many year’s ago…..?

  3. I saw something very similar, though it was so far up neither of my cameras could focus in on it. My sighting was at 4:02 pm. I kinda thought it was a star or satellite, but it really didn’t move anywhere before my eyes lost it. In north phoenix/Arrowhead area.

  4. Hmm.. still inconclusive. There are things we see but we can’t touch because we can only see it in our minds. That doesn’t make it real or implies an out of the world phenomena .. they are simply lights manifesting itself. Sometimes we give humanity very little credit. Humanity manifest selfishness and it creates weapons of mass destruction, wars , suffering. It can create all sorts of things that we can admire. How can this solve humankind greatest hurdles? This only manifest anxiety in people that don’t even know are suffering from it. Go out and manifest personal change. Stop cheating and lying, stop hate and procrastination. Be useful to the human race and stop looking for signs in the skies. This behavior has been going on for a long time. All it does is confuse people and dulls evolution. There is no disclosure, there’s no ET showing up tomorrow. Only grifters and short sighted and absence of direction. No proper maturity. Just anxious minds.

  5. Bruh I seen this a couple of weeks ago also in phoenix. I’m in Chandler though so just a little south of Phoenix. But i only noticed it up there when i spotted a white dot beside an airplane contrail. I initially thought it was part of the contrail until it fully dissipated leaving the dot behind. When i zoomed in it looked more like a white cylinder. Tic- tac?

  6. OK from a person that saw the massive black triangle first hand, these vague videos don’t help. I know it’s difficult to keep about your whits(something I couldn’t manage myself) when this happens to you but for once I’d just like something HD from someone independent, it would reassure me in what I saw in 2019

  7. Alright so I’ve checked the [columbia scientific balloon facility](https://towerfts.csbf.nasa.gov/), flightradar24, and a company named aerostar based on [this](https://www.azfamily.com/2023/04/10/mysterious-balloons-seen-throughout-valley-belong-out-of-state-company) and [this](https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/what-are-the-balloons-seen-in-phoenixs-sky-we-have-the-answer) local news articles, to try and prove this is a weatherballoon but I’m coming up blank. Does anyone have any other resources for tracking weather balloons?

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