Видео MH370 официально опровергнуто

Видео MH370 официально опровергнуто

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  1. Damn I’ve instantly become pretty suspect of this community and myself, lol.

    Wasn’t there a bunch of self-proclaimed experts vouching for the authentic of the video and all other surrounding facts?

    This debunker called the video amateur and convincingly debunked the video in minutes.

    Bad on us, fam.

  2. Funny thing is this was debunked months ago but people here are addicted to pure copium. At this point if you still believe you need a long think about how you parse credible information

  3. It’s just bizarre to think that no matter how much evidence there is showing that this video is a fake, there will still be people saying things like:

    «But can you prove that those images weren’t put there after the video?», «They just removed the plane and took the image of the clouds to try to disprove it», «This is a disinformation campaign, similar is not equal»…

  4. The guy who pushed this video as true had zero aviation or vfx knowledge and you had idiots defending him while ignoring actual experts. The same people wont be rushing back to admit they were wrong.

  5. The crowd that want to believe will always believe and the crowd that don’t never will. The video looked fine at first glance but the flash at the end seems obviously fake. Everyone can just pretend it’s a government plant to debunk these videos though of course

  6. Watching this is like watching someone burn down my house.

    But now we can finally let it rest. Sad news. Good news. I don’t know.

    ‘Until next time, take care of yourself, and each other’

  7. I saw a vfx team debunk it a couple weeks ago by finding the overlay images and matching then to stock photos as well as stock graphic sprites. Didn’t realize it was still up for discussion. Was debunked basically right away

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