Специалист миссии НАСА по поиску НЛО

Специалист миссии НАСА по поиску мест крушения НЛО. Говорит о идеологической обработке, длившейся десятилетия, чтобы избежать экономического коллапса из-за устаревших источников энергии / компаний, работающих на ископаемом топливе.

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  1. This clip was included in the longer video in this [post](https://www.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/1457920/former_head_of_cia_bobby_ray_inman_talks_about), but honestly this is insane in its own right without the longer video with the intelligence official corroborating it.

    So, much like the drug war being based off outdated ideology from idk like the 50s? this control and stigmatization of anything nonhuman intelligence was based on one narrow-minded stupid conclusion in the 50s that it’d shake our society too much to reveal it.

    I honestly disagree that this was all some smart preplanned decade long campaign. The people in charge of these program just liked having that power to themselves and being rogue, basically being above all government oversight, probably patted themselves on the back for maintaining the economic and social status quo eventhough they had no way of knowing how people in the modern world would react, they thought they were smarter than literally everyone else on the planet, deprived immense scientific and technological progress for humanity by sharing this knowledge, and also were probably religious themselves and found this to be in contradiction of their beliefs.

    What a disaster.

  2. The energy and industrial corporations will still make their money no matter what technology we use, because they will be in charge of distributing it. If they are indeed in possession of things that can advance the human race and make life better for all, they should be slowly integrating it into use and weaning ourselves off antiquated technology that is detrimental to the Earth.

    These greedy corporations will not give up their cash cow for things that could advance us as a species. Human greed has always ruled this planet and it won’t stop. CEO’s and politicians are a scourge on this planet. They are in business for self gain. JMO-

  3. But let’s keep telling ourselves there’s no evidence. There’s literally MOUNTAINS of evidence in the form of witness testimony from some of the key players and heads of intelligence, departments within the DoD and the military. But then, I suppose they’re all «grifters» lying for all the PROFIT$ or they’re psy-ops. All of them.

  4. It’s interesting that he says that the consequences of an official disclosure from the government would be grave for the economy around the world. I’ve never thought about that before and that makes sense. Something has changed now that we are transitioning to electric vehicles and other alternatives.

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