Как именно будет выглядеть «катастрофическое раскрытие»?

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Как именно будет выглядеть «катастрофическое раскрытие»?

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  1. That is far-fetched, that the people would react hysterically to something they do their best to ignore is nonsense.
    The average person doesn’t think or care about UFOs or aliens.

    Catastrophic disclosure would be an uncontrolled release of classified information on our reverse-engineering efforts getting into the hands of adversary nations like China and Russia. They would then immediately exploit this data into advanced military weapons and hardware to be used against the United States and its allies.

    I think it is clear that the UFO topic is regarded very low on their daily priorities. Unless dangerous weapon weilding aliens attack en mass, the average Joe does not think about them. Even if dramatic jaw-dropping evidence was released by our government, most people will go on with their lives as before. For a few weeks, the evidence would make the rounds on social media and the news services. Then, it will fade away as the people will still have to get up and go to work, and normal everyday routines will return without interruption.

    Barring a massive alien invasion, the only catastrophic disclosure will be when Earth’s major militaries fight wars with alien super-weapons.

  2. If it’s a pole shift or ELE, then it really doesn’t matter does it? We are all dead.

    It means they are coming to announce themselves or something similar. Basically we gave you 70s years and tons of technology to make your world better. In that time you fucked up the environment, hidden all of our gifts from the public, and enriched yourselfs instead.

    ET is coming home and he is really pissed, heads are going to roll and there is a lot of explaining to do. It’s not going to be some low level Greys, Ebans, Mantiods or Reptiles, the big boys are coming. Pleadian or Syrian level mfers that exist beyond the confines of time and space.

    We should start building massive gallows able to execute a few thousand at a time by 2027 just to be ready.


  3. I watched up until my brain echoed back into my forward consciousness “this is another stall tactic, this is another group of people deciding what I can handle and what people can handle, this is the elite gas lighting people to make it sound like it makes sense”. Once this all rattled in my brain I just quit listening. You can make it make perfect sense and guess what, there will still be a horrified scared and unpredictable people out there in 2030… there is about 80,000 ways a disclosure could start and still not be fully realized or told even if we start today. Yet now we must wait till 2030 and there is this really good reason why… more fear mongering just wrapped in clever logic and sensibilities.. but there is nothing that will make sense when we get disclosure and it won’t be some universal reaction that is positive just because we wait yet another 7 years. Sorry but no, at this point I don’t even want to hear this.

  4. Anyone who has been stabbed to death with a sword will disagree that the pen is mightier than the sword.

    Disclosure is information. There is no way that information could ever be catastrophic. Sure, it could be impactful. It could lead to oil powered capital to be rendered worthless. It could lead to drastic changes of our economic systems. But there is no way that disclosure in itself would ever cause a catastophe.

    If anything it’s a way to try and push disclosure, and the photograph of the slide was orchestrated. Rattle some cages, to convince some people that disclosure should happen, or happen faster than they want.

    We’ve heard it before, that eloquent gentleman with a white beard, Bob Ogle or some name like that, he said that if we don’t disclose then aliens would show themselves over major cities in 1997 wasn’t it? Then you had the Phoenix event in 1997 or not too far away so maybe he had a slight idea, but not a full understanding.

    Nothing eventful will happen with regard to NHI based on whether we disclose or not.

    There are other things that will happen. There will be a mass extinction event due to climate change and other human impacts on our planet. Humans may be one of the species that goes extinct. Disclosure might set us on a path where we discover the necessary technology needed to avoid such an extinction event. But disclosure itself will not bring anything catastrophic with it, nor will anything catastrophic happen due to lack of disclosure. The catastrophy is already happening without it and disclosure could be one hope of finding a way out of our mess.

  5. I honestly think this is crap at this point. Most people believe there is alien life. They have been making movies and tv shows for decades to get people used to the idea. Plenty of people see them everyday. Religion is at an all time low. Who are the people that are going off the deep end when we admit the truth? I think the bigger worry is the black eye the country has in decades of lies, black ops in other countries, threats, murders and even the murder of JFK and RFK in relation to the UFO files.

  6. Maybe something like «so you guys remember Roswell? Well it was an alien craft, they were from what intelligence we’ve gathered, unarmed and peaceful.
    We shot them down. The way things look, isn’t good, these alien beings have declared our species hostile and have been scouting out our military bases and have already on various occasions shown their ability to interact and deactivate our most destructive weapons.

  7. If there was catastrophic disclosure, I think most people would fear the phenomenon about as much as they would fear running into a bear in their daily life. Unless the visitors decided to stop obfuscating and just let it all hang out. Even if there was weird shit happening every day I think people would still be only worried about themselves and their immediate family. Unless someone could drum up just the right kind of fear. Well, even then, things not some nation state to start a war against.

    It’s all so dumb really.

  8. Aliens delayed disclosures because aliens didn’t publicly announce themselves.

    Similarly aliens didn’t share their technology meaning they want to keep our technology bad longer.

    The aliens land in your back yard, hypnotize you, ruin your life, and then you know. “Disclosure”. Aliens are harmful, and the government is hiding it because people allow it.

  9. Relax people, pole shifts don’t happen overnight. They take place over thousands of years.

    The 2030 thing is the date they want us all in pods, eating bugs, and getting constant mrna injections for intentionally orchestrated pandemics.

    «Climate change» is the fear tactic they are using for compliance, and to meet their goals by 2030.

  10. I honestly don’t think it matters because people would come from far left and right to point at flaws and still disregard it. I think what matters is what you believe and want to believe in and stick to that.

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