Я не видел много разговоров о работе Долареса Кэннона в сообществе, но мне показалось, что это видео отличное.

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Я не видел много разговоров о работе Долареса Кэннона в сообществе, но мне показалось, что это видео отличное.

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20 комментарий для “Я не видел много разговоров о работе Долареса Кэннона в сообществе, но мне показалось, что это видео отличное.”
  1. I just watched this last night and it was fascinating.

    Her explanations fill in a lot of gaps for those who are interested in the topic and have a general understanding of the phenomenon.

    I can’t confirm what she is saying is true (I don’t have any personal first-hand knowledge or experiences) but I can confirm what she is saying is plausible and answers a lot of questions and connects the dots in a logical way. If she’s lying she sure has done her research so that it makes sense.

  2. She said a lot of stuff in this video I watched last night, but one thing that stands out is that these NHI are actually our creators, and the galactic federation thing. I just saw Danny Shaheen talking about there being some 5 million NHI species out there? Apparently the Roswell grey communicated that.

    I’m taking the video with a grain of salt but when UFO lore overlaps I take note

  3. I’ve been obsessed with her books for years. I’ve read all of the Convoluted Universe books several times each and they’re more and more relevant to today’s times each time I re-read them. ‘Keepers of the Garden’ is the one that explains the most in relation to ‘aliens’. I think if people read that book they would have a lot of their own questions answered in relation to why other beings don’t reveal themselves en masse and that trying to contact them is actually a really bad idea because they’re not all ‘caretakers’.

  4. The only part that I really don’t buy is the scene she describes from a «future regression,» starting just after 43:32. The scene she describes, where a man claims to be in a football stadium when a large craft comes down, and the beings in the craft announce that it’s time for them to reveal themselves and to share medications and other things, strikes me as very familiar. As conveyed, it seems just like a scene I’ve seen in an alien-themed movie or television show (original V?). Does anyone else recall seeing a scene like that?

  5. Thanks for posting this. I have seen clips of Dolores in compilation videos I’ve watched and I had been meaning to look her up. I just watched the full video and I enjoyed listening to what she had to say. My sister suffers sleep paralysis and unexplainable bruising, so I found what Delores had to say on that subject very interesting.

  6. I listened to a podcast interview of hers, now it could have been edited to misrepresent her thoughts but I was incredibly disappointed.
    The NHI can alter just about everything around us but have trouble ‘curing diseases’ which came from a meteorite.
    She also went on about chosen people being taken to a new earth and how the NHI want us to join them but then also some other contradictory things around this. In the 45 minutes I listened there were holes in her story.

  7. As far as I am concerned, the jury is still out on Remote Viewing, Clairvoyance, Telepathic communication, any of those things until there is some actual proof of it. The most compelling evidence is the Remote Viewers but how do we know not a psi opp.

    As far as I’m concerned Aliens are sacks of meat and blood with a super advanced cat. Until shown otherwise.

    I was a SUPER SKEPTIC about aliens, until David Grusch came Forward. That pushed me into belief category.

  8. She paints a very cohesive picture of origins and ongoing interactions.

    Where I find difficulty is when she starts talking about vibrations and frequencies. I have a schizophrenic son who rambles about frequencies all the time.

    I am analytically inclined and, while not a science major, I believe I have a solid grasp of most core scientific concepts. When she gets into vibrations and frequencies it feels like she’s gone off into some strange pseudo-science. Still, all together, she presents a pretty rational framework.

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