Теория Темного Леса: Ужасающее объяснение того, почему мы до сих пор не получили известий от инопланетян

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Теория Темного Леса: Ужасающее объяснение того, почему мы до сих пор не получили известий от инопланетян

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  1. The dark forest hypothesis is the conjecture that many alien civilizations exist throughout the universe, but they are both silent and hostile, maintaining their undetectability by humanity for fear of being destroyed by another hostile and undetected civilization.

  2. They’re all silent and sneaky. Maybe they consider us the unstable, crazy, dangerous ones. They see us as threats because we’re in droves all over the world and can’t get along with our own kind.

  3. 20 civilizations in our solar system? I think the author of the text in the video may have meant galaxy not solar system. Last number I recall that was seriously calculated was 38 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy.

  4. If you go with the Chinese soft disclosure idea and kind of read between the lines here, I feel that this book is just showing the possibilities of other intelligence out there. And in the context of its own story is saying something like «We have to stay unnoticed until we have enough deterence to show our face.» Actual spoiler: >!And then everybody on earth gets slapped intergalactically lol.!< Amazing books either way!

  5. The aliens don’t need our radio signals to know we’re here—they can just do a spectral analysis of our atmosphere to see the abundant water and oxygen. So chill out about this theory. If there are aliens anywhere in our galaxy then they’ve known about Earth for millions of years most likely and are already monitoring us.

  6. It’s my personal opinion that there is no Fermi paradox, aliens are already here and the governments just keep us in the dark. The evidence we can see is world wide and frequent, if not admittedly verified.

    The issue isn’t that there is not observable life of an extra terrestrial or dimensional type. It’s that the powers that try to control the nature and narrative of history and reality work tirelessly to promote the paradigm of greatest profit and control over the masses

  7. Even after Mass Effect, Star Trek and Star Wars, we still keep these theories that aliens could be out to kill everyone. If that were true, we’d be getting death threats sent to our probes.

  8. These UFO’s flying around in our skies suggest we’ve heard from aliens already, and if that’s the case then this theory is based on erroneous thinking. The scientific community largely ignores this reality which is a major blind spot for them. Things like SETI and the Drake Equation are not accounting for UFOs, when they should be. At the very least they should be entertaining the idea.

  9. Or?? The one universe is so large that detecting random radio waves is extremely difficult mostly due to the inverse square law. Detecting biotechnology signals is harder still. The universe can be teeming with life and still have a vanishingly low technological density so that the possibility of detecting other civilizations would be extremely low at current technology levels.

  10. I feel one big hurdle for the dark forest theory is the simple idea of «muzzle flash». At least with known physics basically any attack will be trackable to some degree. Any acceleration of a kill vehicle is probably going to involve a massive expenditure of energy and therefore thermal signature. This could be mitigated but never eliminated. You can move the launch location, you can decrease the rate of acceleration and a myriad of other things. None of these however cannot be accounted for by other civilizations with kill strike capability.

  11. I get it. But here is a theory why we can’t find life: What if we are the evil beings? They are staying away from US. Think about it. NONE OF US act like our saviors whether it be Jesus Christ, Buddha, Allah, Brahma, and so on. Look at the news. Whether it’s a neighborhood, a school, peninsula,strip, country, or continent, we destroy eachother and all around us. They know this, so they stay away. Just a thought.

  12. I don’t buy this hypothesis. We broadcast our existence 24/7 and we haven’t been annihilated yet. Also I believe the more advanced a civilization becomes, the less hostile it will be. Aggression is a primitive instinct required for survival. Eventually beings will transcend beyond the need for hostility.

  13. The reason we haven’t heard from aliens yet is cuz we’re a pathetic race that they wouldn’t waste their time with. We kill, rape, and hurt each other constantly and with live with zero regard for the future of our planet..they don’t interact with us cuz we’re simply not worth their time.

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