Нападения в Перу. Опрошенная жертва заявила, что лица, очищающие лицо, на самом деле являются людьми, использующими передовые технологии в неизвестных гнусных целях.

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Нападения в Перу. Опрошенная жертва заявила, что лица, очищающие лицо, на самом деле являются людьми, использующими передовые технологии в неизвестных гнусных целях.

Peru attacks — Victim interviewed said the face peelers are in fact humans using advanced tech for unknown nefarious purposes
byu/bertiesghost inaliens

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  1. The part that sort of gave it away to me that they were humans, was when in the interview with the teenage girl she overheard them speaking to each other about giving her too much numbing medication or something along those lines. I’m assuming they had to have been speaking Spanish for her to understand them. I doubt the aliens know Spanish.

  2. When I first read about these attacks a while back it brought back a memory of a man I met while travelling South America 10 yeargo. We were staying at the same volunteer placement for a week so I had gotten to know him a bit.

    He loved solitude and nature and liked to go on solo treks in the jungle. He told me one time he went on a long trek through the Amazon where he ran into a small tribe. They were wary of him at first because they hadn’t seen a white person in eons. They told him that they were afraid that he was a face peeler. He relayed some stories that they had told him but I don’t remember much except for face and peeling. That seemed to be enough for me. I wasn’t sure if he was blowing smoke up my ass at the time for shits and gigs or something but still, it stuck with me.
    He would’ve have met them about 13 years ago.

  3. I think it’s the ancient fallen human civilization they describe in the indian mahabarata (did i spell it right idk). The ancient wicked of advanced old world humans was decimated by the aliens. Maybe a few are still hiding. And maybe they fuk around here for organ harvesting or something, including skin and body parts. And they don’t have many resources except for stealing and bad stuff, and i would bet that their tech is on its last leg and falling apart/old/breaking. That’s if I had a logical guess.

    My 2nd guess is that they are covering up illegal gold mining operations, and the locals are in on it, and theres no aliens involved what so ever.. And they are covering up murders by dipping their heads in the piranha infested waters and making up outrageous stories to hide the murders from their families. Idk

  4. I have been saying this since it started. It is the CIA and other agencies testing out WW3 tech on lesser developed areas.

    Please, go watch this video explaining how Predictive programming is used, everyone in the world should watch it.


    And then go watch the new movie Leave The World Behind, which is funded and produced by the Obamas.


    Here’s a comment I made explaining a bit of the movie


  5. I think it’s a black project working together with the cartel down there. The reverse engineering programs are already doing highly illegal shit, so why not work with criminal organizations?

    When this guy interviewed the villagers, half of them think it’s either gringos or the cartel, who they claim have been running organ smuggling operations there for decades. The girl’s story lines up with this theory.

    So the cartel gets advanced tech to use in their organ smuggling operations, and the black project gets to test out their tech in a live environment and train their own operators while staying under the radar. Two highly unethical organizations working together for mutual benefit.

  6. Could be drug cartels, human traffickers, or any number of things. The key though, in my mind, is finding out what the need for human faces is. Perhaps cloning, or the need to conceal aliens with a human faces in some manner? I know, I know, it sounds crazy.

  7. The shadow program testing their reversed tech on tribes.

    Same thing happened in the Amazon in the 70s. And possibly India in early 2000s. Always the same M.O. of targeting superstitious isolated communities that the world largely doesn’t care about.

    Captain Uyrange, a brazilian high ranking military whistleblower who was also in charge of the investigation, said Operation Saucer was shut down when he complained to his superior about the american involvement and authority in what should have been a national issue. His amassed evidence was then confiscated and presumably handed over to the US.

    He complained about mib harrassment and also specifically stated that he’d get disappeared for coming forward. He «killed himself» literally just two days after recording his testimony, before it’d even been broadcast to national TV.

  8. Medicine has evolved enough to pull off facial transplant. Facial recoginition is also advancing. I know it sounds out there but maybe they need faces to give new identities to undercover agents or criminals with deep pockets. All the more advanced countries are using software to process pictures in IDs. You can’t mask your face anymore, you literally need a new face. Creepy though.

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