«Нет, они роботы»: Том Делонг после вопроса, есть ли у инопланетян «крутые вайнеры»

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«Нет, они роботы»: Том Делонг после вопроса, есть ли у инопланетян «крутые вайнеры»

«They don’t, they’re robots»: Tom Delonge after being asked if the aliens «have cool weiners»
byu/Wuhblam inaliens

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  1. Yeah someone posted this in the Blink sub saying he’s joking but he’s not joking. The greys are (allegedly, according to this theory) sort of biological robots.

    So who is making and sending the greys?

  2. I mean it makes sense, if you can transfer your consciousness to a machine you don’t have to worry about eating or getting sick or even dying really. Might just be body nostalgia for me but I would still favor gene editing the human body to be absolutely badass like the gold cast in Pierce Browns Red Rising

  3. At a certain point artificially created “robots” would just be living beings constructed in a genome and then mass born through artificial wombs. Nothing radical said here.

  4. Probably just remote operated device. Not a full transfer. The ships. The bodies. The orbs. The fairies. The ghosts. The Bigfoot. The skinwalkers. The angels. The demons. The Djinn. The burning bushes. The sky wheels. All just remotely operated devices intended to perform diverse functions for unknown and maybe unknowable reasons.

  5. so, given the statement above, i’d modify to acknowledge that there are—must be—many kinds of beings that are not us or like us:

    but i think they could if they wanted to, for fun, because relearning or differently tasting fun is one of the things they are coming to us for, but have a much broader idea of the possibilities of gender, its having or mutability or purpose or lack, than we do. ofc we used to as well, more than we do now, but colonialism and conquest, many aeons, many waves.

    a side note on experiencing the daily digest of this sub as a non-cis person, probes and clapping cheeks, etc: i don’t think it’s weird or unusual to actually want to engage sexually with the other in this way, but the jokes people make and the ways they talk about it in mainstream spaces like this just show our sex and gender insecurities like a floodlit billboard in the cosmic night, possibly or especially because our societies still have enormous segregation and inequality around them, and we know they can see that, just as they see the way we engage with all other living things on this planet.

    those jokes also ensure that spaces like this one remain segregated themselves, because the attitude towards pleasure is transparently that of an action on an object, not sharing or collaboration or learning. that last we should start with, it’s a way to get out of the rut.

    both controlled incarnation and exosexuality are real, but things being as they are right at this moment, they would never, the Vibe to them must be like a nonstop stream of sexual harassment by blind cave fish. plato help

  6. Occams razor.

    What if all biological life is based on the same genetics everywhere. The reason they keep bringing up the theory of a simulation is because they found that we all have the same base code or DNA and are trying to explain it. The government is full of religious fanatics because based on our found history from the sumerian tablets to the dead sea scrolls tell the story of Noah and a creator.

    Edit: there is also a chance that things are much darker and less mysterious these things could all have come from Nazi experiments. It would teach that Hitler had a mission to gather ancient artifacts that told of other interactions with alien races and they started building based on them. The nazies weren’t fighting to win the war they were buying time to gather artifacts from other countries and causing as much mayhem as possible to cover their agenda. Then they escaped to south America to continue their work undisturbed by the rest of the world. This would also explain the interest in nuclear weaponry because they were racing to make them as well but failed before the US made them. They also went to an epicenter of ancient alien activity in South America where they are being seen the most today as well as the nazca mummies.

  7. Do you guys really give credit to what he say? LMAO.


    To me he looks like a dude that is interested and likes the topic of aliens and UFOs like the rest of us… but he doesn’t know shit.

  8. How the fuck would know? Talking bullshit out his ass like anybody can about something that has absolutely no proof of existing. It’s like talking about Bigfoot. Give it up. Grow up.

  9. I mean we essentially control avatars now in video games, in another 50 years it could be robots or some sort of biological hybrid, humans don’t seem geared for space travel, maybe it’s just better to have some sort of cyborg we can jump into?

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