У межзвездного друга Грира хорошее настроение

Greer’s interstellar friend has good vibes
byu/mahamanu inaliens

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  1. Made me chuckle

    That twitter account is hilarious. Makes fun of everyone in the ufo sphere. All the videos are made in good fun, no need to get hurt if your boy is made fun of. Just enjoy the entertainment.

    His YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@cosmicjudas/videos

    For the record, this is why he makes the videos https://twitter.com/cosmicjudas/status/1651618674292273153?t=NyfruXgcluxY7xW-NFAJ-w&s=19

    Here’s one of Elizondo https://twitter.com/cosmicjudas/status/1660304841422274562?t=jnr7zI0l4cCGXPdGBogvhA&s=19

    A classic of Greer: https://twitter.com/cosmicjudas/status/1662899177435676674?t=CtQDuTE5ZVlMDXS3hY9ZLw&s=19

    Lue won’t answer your question

    Corbell: https://twitter.com/cosmicjudas/status/1662129174499172354?t=z8kvCkvOLQzR6NfZF2VXaQ&s=19

    Another classic containing a few https://twitter.com/cosmicjudas/status/1658837368600686596?t=It8_bqXNPDRvXCdMJcGPtA&s=19

    James Fox


    Elizondo vs Greer & Stanton Friedman

    Another Elizondo vs Greer with Mick West

    Elizondo as batman

    Greer on Gaia 😭😭

    Every time David Fravor goes ‘bloop’

    Greer boards a craft

    Steven Greer and CE5

    Who tf is Tim?

    Seriously can’t take all these guys serious anymore after watching his videos 😂😂

    Bonus content




    Out of everyone Doty seems like the biggest whackjob

  2. Greer has had so much shit flowing out of his mouth for so long I can’t believe he remains in any way shape or form a part of the discourse.

    He’s been caught, directly, scamming people out of money. No gray area, he fraudulently stole money from people. His CE5 program is a literal joke. He makes people pay him to hear «go outside without your phone and really *believe* and they’ll appear».

    The Sirius documentary was an Grade A joke. Everything he does is a joke.

    His data come this conference will be a picture of a building and a pile of questionably authentic junk data from anonymous flight records.

    At this point in time I’m convinced that whether he is aware of it or not, he is a high level disinformation agent meant to turn sane people away the second they walk into the door of this house. Same with Lazar. Same with Greer. Same with Elizondo. Same with all of them. Answers aren’t coming from people on «the circuit». Stop listening to them. Stop posting about them. They are straight up where they are because they shadow the truth not shine light on it.

  3. God. This fucking.. culture? idk what even to call it, the UAP community, is so fucking ebb and flow between genuine and absurd, bordering on hilarity, and this captures it in its entirety.

    The Phenomenon is an amazing documentary. Greer is someone who has spoken to, and been given info from deep within ***»the know».*** What he has seriously done in Washington, and bringing this to the national spotlight with authoritative evidence, and powerful individuals in many different ways.

    And then there’s this fucking shit.

    Are we just a species that, no matter what, will eventually default into a self aggrandizing, financial, clout driven narcissists of hubris and selfishess?

    Honestly, I find the faces of this entire community (I am a believer) fucking embarassing to the rest of us and just punchlines for jokes and criticism from skeptics.

    This is so embarrasing

  4. What the fuck crack is this guy smoking?

    Why does everyone in Ufology have to be 60% nutjob/weirdo. Including Corbell.

    It destroys credibility and brings us back to tinfoil hat days.

    George Knapp is one of the few consummate professionals.

  5. Im not a Greer follower but everyone here is laughing while failing to debunk the image. A month ago if you mentioned crop circles, everyone here thought you were a gullible moron but now everyone is on the crop train after a WF video was made. Maybe you guys need to stop laughing and look into things. Try to debunk the image

  6. Made me laugh on how in Brazik we have something very similar, The Bilu Alien.
    We have this very shit dude who have some alien cult and people pay a lot of money to live in his «magical» city. And one of the things he says, that he is friend of an alien called Bilu. We have even a tv news article that became a meme because the reporter want to see the alien. Its was just a dude using a very idiot costume and talking in a very funny voice. But smfor some reason the reporter was scared as a shit.
    The line «seek knowledge»(Bilu said), became famous.

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