Я видел это сегодня утром

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Я подумал, может быть, сонный паралич, но буквально встал, когда увидел это в окне. Мне только что приснился ужасный сон, в котором я проснулась, дрожа и плача, встала, огляделась, увидела это и побежала за своим парнем. Я не великий цифровой художник, но вот как это выглядело. Глаза были размером с мяч для софтбола, а окно находилось на высоте не менее 7 футов над землей. Я не знаю, меня это просто напугало, у меня нет галлюцинаций или чего-то в этом роде.

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  1. praying mantids are our entomological counterpart as a species here

    they are the only insect that has a neck that can rotate, pseudopupils and forelegs that are much more like sworded gorilla arms. the eye contact one experiences with a mantis is enough to represent it’s ability to recognize another larger living creature in its presence.

    consciously we don’t think how important a family like mantodea are, they spend most of their day in contemplation and many have evolved to their surroundings with unmatched crypsis. they are much more at our timed perception other than when they eat, which is interesting.. whenever mantids are ready to strike, their perception speeds up to the level of the perceived prey- sometimes lightning fast. some mantid species have oval heads that much more closely resemble vaguely humanoid shape other than leafy protrusions and such..

    their noble nature and dualistic apex predator position in the food chain respectively offers credibility to the mantis alien scenario, as I believe the type of insect to evolve consciously to a technological level would be something similar to a mantis, which is a hyper evolved protoroach.

    the types of different mantids are unbelievable. their curiosity and fearlessness around other much larger creatures is a showcase to its strong presence and personality.

    now there *could* be a evolved mantis alien from another planet. we don’t know that as much as a mantis ability to consciously or subconsciously interact with other larger animals conscious minds especially if there is some type of specific brain activity it’s able to exhibit intermittently between hunting times. just a thought

  2. Wow. So my grandfather and uncle once told me as a child they both had a nightmare of a green creature with red eyes. They tell lots of bullshit stories to scare the kids so I still just assume a collaborative spooky story.

    But looking at this photo and saying you had the same experience is a bit odd, I’ll admit. They never drew pictures but they really did describe something similar to this.

  3. Hypnagogic hallucinations can definitely continue for a short while after waking up.
    And you see what your mind has been conditioned to see, if you’re into the alien-thing your brain will jump to that and show it to you. Path of least resistance.
    Cool experience though!

  4. If we go down that route, theres a species of alien that look like a praying mantis, its just speculation from words of others but if it turns out to be true, maybe you ve seen one of them, as someone who interracted / saw many things i cant explain during my life, your first experience will be the worst, in a way like it get you in a pannic state and stress you out, which is totally normal, once u see something, the event will repeat it self so you get familiar with the feeling, maybe they want to interract with you, who knows, this world is full of mystery, dont let no body tell you you are crazy for going tru somethin YOU cant even explain, life works in mysterious way, be thankful i guess

  5. You are a very good digital artist. This rendering is really nice. Sorry for the strife over it — just had to chime in on that note. Making more art like this may help you process what’s going on. Best to you.

  6. Don’t worry. I’ve woken up from sleep paralysis and continued to see stuff 3 times. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of times, but it was absolutely terrifying.
    When you’re in sleep paralysis it’s bad enough, but when you know you’ve ‘ woken ‘ up and can move & walk about and it’s still there, it’s another level of scary.
    Mine lasted about 30 mins, I could see a little creature crouched in front of me, I could hear stuff — noises outside etc. I had someone with me by this time cos I was freaking out, they said the things I was seeing & hearing were not there. Of course they were right. There wasn’t anything there, it was all in my head. It’s not happened for years now thank god. So, I have a lot of sympathy for you, be re-assured it won’t last forever. It’s just gonna go away by itself. Or might be a one off. There’s no aliens, there’s no monsters, nothing is gonna get you. Your brain is just trying to suss things out about what’s going on in your life. Your subconscious is maybe a little overwhelmed, and spills out to your conscious. It’ll settle soon enough .

  7. The special on Netflix a hunter saw a ufo right over his head and spied it through his scope .HE said he saw a praying mantises like creature inside. Was going to shoot but didnt want to start a war. Stepheville Dublin Texas sightings. Dozens saw taco like uap .

  8. Must really suck to see something and try to be serious about it and come share it and have people laugh at you. No wonder people don’t like to talk about their encounters with fears of humiliation.

  9. Actually I just got my memory jogged. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen an alien like being. The first time was for sure a dream though (at least I’m pretty sure). I woke up on my couch (I had fallen asleep in bed). There were noises on my porch and it sounded like footsteps. I sat up a little alarmed and the door opened. A frickn 6-7 ft tall gray colored alien looking thing walked in, it was missing it’s right eye. It walked up to me and grabbed me by the throat and lifted me off the couch and into the air. It opened its mouth and began to draw in air and suddenly something was being sucked out of me (I could only describe it as what death eaters do in Harry Potter). It dropped me and I woke up in my bed. Again this was probably just a dream triggered by an alien movie or something like that but I can’t help but share it after my recent half asleep hallucination/vision. Maybe I gotta lay off the alien content lol again I know this isn’t proof of anything I just wanted to share

  10. Some are nice some are not!! Depends which what I call faction there apart of!!a lot also live in our earth in the hallowed out mountains they have made homes and bases to examine and sometimes help and interact with the human race. some are pure science and will take you apart without thinking differently while other have more of a peaceful nature that wanna help us and watch us become better and more than well we have shown we are..

  11. Happen to watch Rick and Morty or a Mantid Documentary recently? There’s residual dmt even when waking up in some small cases that cause hallucinations that are related to memory recollection in the sense of the dream state will use past memories as foreground for said state.
    In other words still dreaming while awake, not unheard of.

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