Никогда не думал, что буду писать про рептоидов

Хорошо, так что я был в кроличьей норе в течение нескольких месяцев с обсуждением UAP / ET, и я продолжаю видеть, как появляются люди-ящерицы или «рептоиды». В конце концов я немного погуглил, прочитал кое-что и нашел это видео интригующим. Это когда-нибудь было разоблачено? Спасибо за ваше время.


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  1. Saw this in middle school back when he was in office. I guess it was debunked. I mean, just looks like a normal guy to me. I find the videos of people’s eyes changing to be the most compelling

  2. What we really need to talk about is the psychic human-looking «aliens» that are operating on the moon, that have been monitoring us with silver oblong spheres for at least 10,000 years

  3. There are too main aliens people see as in charge after their abduction, the praying mantis and the reptoid aliens both wearing purple, black or red hooded garments. The rest of the aliens are humanoid hybrids from their offspring also called indigo starseeds. A gray alien is a mixture of both mantis/ reptilian and humanoid. They are trying to become human in appearance is why they abduct people for their reproduction system.

    I’m doing a research on this phenomenon and have spoken with many abductees on this that also seen reptilians, I’d rather talk to you in pvt, this hasn’t been debunked.

    I’m not going to engage too much on this subred anymore because of certain mods even though I may have discovered something.

  4. This is the bull shit that makes people opposed to conspiracies. I’ll even entertain reptilians but this is just a bald dude doing his job. It makes me question if this post is disinfo.

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