Я еще не видел этот пост. Капюшон НЛО.

Заявление о подаче. Моды: Это недавно опубликовано в другом подразделе. Я не видел его раньше. Выглядит законно. Нет справочной информации. Думаю стоит посмотреть.

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  1. I see comments saying they are Chinese lanterns but where I’m from (South-East Asia), I have checked and checked again on the Chinese calendar and there are no Chinese festivals that warrant these lanterns to be floated. The lantern festival itself was on February 5 this year. The closest celebration that may see these lanterns would be Qingming Festival 清明节 that is April 5th this year. Unless… someone super important had just passed away, then you might see multiple lanterns being flown. Even so, it’s rare to float multiple lanterns for 1 super important person. If there’s a Chinese temple nearby or around the area, then it is more likely to occur, but rarely this many from someone’s home.

  2. The orangish color matches well with Chinese hot air lanterns. The way they are spaced apart is dependent on how they are released, meaning one at a time, and they form a line. All at once they form a cluster. They are quite cheap if purchased online, and they are used at everything from birthday celebrations to weddings.

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