Новое интервью Дэнни Шихана в эту пятницу. @ 14:00 подведение итогов

Новое интервью Дэнни Шихана в эту пятницу. @ 14:00 подведение итогов

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  1. He is the only one I have heard of from the outside that has got in and seen the official goods. In the late 70s he was granted access to the classified portion of Blue Book, for inspection only. He says it was pretty compelling stuff. Official military crystal clear photos of crashed UFO etc. He has spoken about this event many times including his testemony at the citizens hearings on disclosure 2013. And his credibility is very good all over. I listen to him 😁

  2. So strange seeing Danny’s name on reddit. He’s the uncle of my ex step mom haha. My dad and her divorced in the mid 90s but I met Danny twice while they were together. My step mom would read alien books like Communion with the alien head on the cover. That whole experience got me really into the subject.

  3. «New show next Fri. @ 2pm EST | 11am PST!

    Daniel Sheehan, constitutional and public interest lawyer and political activist.

    Dissecting the UAP wording & reporting procedures within the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act. »

    Supposed to be on their YouTube channel

    Just wanted to let everyone know. Danny is one of the closest to the «inside» of this whole subject. Glad to hear from him again.

  4. Regarding credibility. Attorneys cannot make false or misleading statements in their personal lives about themselves / more generally. As an attorney, Danny Sheehan cannot lie without consequences to his license.

  5. I would like him to be asked about Mark Sims. Also his own involvement with attempts at contact as well as any involvement of Elizondo and/or Mellon in it. They may not be directly relevant to the NDAA but these questions are relevant to the discussion as a whole. u/micahhanks don’t drop the ball. Look into Mark Sims and his relationship to Sheehan and ask about it while you have the chance.

    I bring some of it up at the end of this post if you aren’t familiar and there’s some more relevant info in the comments of the post.


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