Извне: НЛО, они здесь 1996 (Часть 1)

Извне: НЛО, они здесь 1996 (Часть 1)

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  1. From Beyond: UFO — They Are Here, Pt. 1: Contact is part of a series investigating the modern phenomenon of UFOs.

    Unidentified Flying Objects have become part of the modern consciousness, ever since the mass sightings of saucer shaped objects in the sky over Roswell, NM, in 1947. This episode looks into the evidence of alien contact with Earth’s inhabitants.

    It features interviews with people who attest to the fundamental nature of the UFO experience, with detailed accounts of their contacts with extraterrestrial visitors.

    Please be aware we can’t work magic its a 27-year-old VHS copy, there will be aspects of dodgy sound and visuals. So it’s only 420p have done our best to edit and stabilize. If anyone has the DVD Version (which has it as one whole movie, not in two parts), Please reach out to us, as sure it is a much better quality. 2nd part will be uploaded in a few days; it needed more editing than part 1.

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