Обновление кадров Джеймса Фокса 🛸

Обновление кадров Джеймса Фокса 🛸

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  1. I collect analog media in a very similar desert climate to Rachel NV. Have tapes from the first years they were being produced that play just fine. It’s a dry climate, as long as he is doing the minimum to keep it preserved it should not have deteriorated to any noticeable extent.

  2. So a tweet with an image of an orange blob is what we consider a “footage update” now? Come on, the never ending drip of non information is a classic grift and you all keep falling for it.

  3. Some of us are so gullible and will talk about fake stuff for 20 years. Our community is an easy grift. These guys get on talk shows, book deals, TV shows etc.

    Skinwalker Ranch being the biggest one.

  4. This James fox character seems rather untrustworthy and grifter-ish. Also, once Logan Paul stepped into the mix, it kinda lost any validity it otherwise would have had. This guy is just stringing people along for clicks…

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