Киркпатрик и AARO не воспринимают всерьез показания осведомителей.

Киркпатрик и AARO не воспринимают всерьез показания осведомителей.

Whistleblower testimony not being taken seriously by Kirkpatrick and AARO.
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  1. If I considered giving my witness testimonial before the last hearing I would definitely not want to testify before Kirkpatrick…. I wonder if was hired for that reason because that was more or less the only thing he succeeded with.

    He has, on paper (public record), one of the most interesting jobs, and he didn’t at all seem genuine or passionate in wanting to get to the bottom of this coverup during the hearing… He was just doing his best to stale, divert and reveal as little as he possibly could…

    Before this hearing i had my hopes up that he’d at least be an honest fellow, but now I don’t trust him the least.

    The final proof needs to be leaked to the public outside this clown and his circus.

  2. I really don’t get the hate for Kirckpatrick. What singe supposed to do ? If he is in possession of knowledge he will probably not fuck up his life/career by fucking with the industrial-military complex.

    Maybe he is NOT in possession of knowledge, then he was pretty honest.

    Furthermore I feel like they said a lot, without saying much.

    What you guys seek, disclosure, will not come by a hearing on a fucking Wednesday. IF there is something to reveal, it will come by a major whistleblower who finally has material that can be taken seriously. I’m sick of all these pictures/vids taken on a potato.

    Maybe there is just nothing to report ?! I dunno man, the more you gather about this topic the less I feel I know…

  3. The term «whistleblowers» is too vague and incorrectly applied to be meaningful in this conversation. Mario Woods and Robert Salas are not whistleblowers, they are storytellers relating experiences they had, and while they should be listened to, if they can’t provide any actionable evidence — what is AARO supposed to do with that?

    An actual whistleblower would be someone who can say, I worked on recovered materials, here is where and when, here is where you can start digging to find the program. If they can’t give any meaningful evidence or direction then it’s just a story.

  4. Who says they haven’t been taken seriously?

    Are the testimonies verifiable and actionable though? I hear them talking about Salas and his story has been full of holes for over 50 years. Are they going to recover some security footage? What is the hope here?

    It’s better to get testimony regarding recovered materials which might be tracked down.

  5. Seriouslly? Kirkpatrick is low budget Alan Hynek. He has no interest in getting to the bottom of anything. His questions and lines of inquiry are deliberately obtuse. Any educated member of r/ufo could provide cases that were worthwhile of pursuing and provide a line of inquiry that would both inform and enflame the public. Perhaps thats the key they want to DO NOTHING while PRETENDING to DO *Something*

    edit sp Hynek

  6. There will never be enough evidence for AARO to conclude that these things are non-human.

    If folks are waiting for AARO to come out and say it then they’re going to be waiting a very long time.

  7. His line, “they have nothing to gain and everything to lose”

    I totally disagree. They have been telling their ufo stories to anyone who’ll listen for decades, no harm has come to them. Yet they are giving speeches and touring and selling books and doing monetized YouTube and podcasts.

    They are retired with their pensions and social security and IRAs. They can say literally anything they want and nothing will happen. Even if they were totally lying, nothing would happen. If you go under oath and say, “I got a phone call (I can’t prove from a totally different flight I was never at where some missiles briefly rebooted their control systems due to a power spike) from some soldiers, I can’t name and who have never come forward, to say that they saw something” — who’s gonna prove it wrong. And it wouldn’t cost you anything.

    These guys have nothing to fear and lots to gain telling ufo stories.

  8. Who even is this guy and why does his opinion matter? Besides, ARRO isn’t even important in this matter, what is important is the senate committee hearing the whistleblowers. ARRO was suspect from the beginning. I don’t know who that guy is, but if he’s supposed to be interviewing those other two guys, he’s doing a terrible job, he’s just monologuing at them.

  9. I think an interesting question is why does people that work in secret UFO reverse engenering programs come forward an testify in the first place? What motives do they have to go to congress telling them top secret stuff they have no idea is going on?

    Do they do this for fun, they don’t have to do it, or is it something very important they think must be fixed here?

  10. Why should whistleblowers be taken seriouslly? Have they given any evidence, and I’m not talking about something easily dismissable, I’m talking something irrefutable. Otherwise, are we supposed to just trust them at their word?

    «Ohhh but they have nothing to gain and everything to lose» — Anyone that uses this to give any credibility to whistleblowers is just plain moronic. There are too many wicked people out there and to try and understand their reasons is even more moronic.

    IRREFUTABLE PROOF, doesn’t matter if the government itself says aliens exist unless they have this.

  11. No one is 100% believable regardless of job/position/title/etc. the old saying of “the witness was a cop so it has to be credible” was always weird to me. That just gets more reinforced when you see cops on traffic stops claim a bunch of stuff only to have their own dash/body cam prove they are lying. These guys will do anything they can instead of accepting they made a mistake. Position/power/title/authority/whatever it is means nothing everyone can and will lie if it suites them

  12. You ain’t blowing no whistles by talking. The only way to get this info out is to just release it. But EGOOOOOOOOOO, people want to be the face of the ufo phenomenon. People want to write book, due endless podcasts. Alien don’t want to talk to humans, trust me bro, we’re way to Dumb for actual intelligent life.

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