Инопланетяне — это просто люди из будущего.

Подумайте, насколько разнообразна жизнь на земле. Подумайте о миллионах существующих видов. Если инопланетяне действительно выглядят так, было бы абсурдно думать, что эти существа эволюционировали, чтобы выглядеть похожими на нас, на другой планете с другими условиями. Инопланетяне — это люди из будущего, которые научились путешествовать во времени. Именно поэтому они анатомически очень похожи на нас.

Подумайте, насколько разнообразна жизнь на земле. Подумайте о миллионах существующих видов. Если инопланетяне действительно выглядят так, было бы абсурдно думать, что эти существа эволюционировали, чтобы выглядеть похожими на нас, на другой планете с другими условиями. Инопланетяне — это люди из будущего, которые научились путешествовать во времени. Именно поэтому они анатомически очень похожи на нас.

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  1. It is a common theory that makes sense if you think time travel to the past is possible. But it also presents the issue of time paradoxes. Every time an alien would come to the past, it would set Earth down a different timeline to avoid paradoxes. Just as the saying goes, «you cannot step into the same river twice,» it may true for timelines as well.

    If you do travel back in time, you would have to do it from space. If you tried to do it on the surface of Earth, it would never work. You couldn’t do something like Back to the Future and be in the same town 30 years ago. The Earth was at a different place in space in terms of its revolution around the sun and in terms of rotation, so if you tried to stay in the same town, you would travel back in time to find yourself floating in space. If you tried to plan it exactly to travel to a point in the past where Earth was in the exact same position, you still might end up embedded inside the Earth or hundreds of miles away, or in the sky, because the Earth’s exact distance from the sun would be hard to know as it is always changing slightly

  2. I’ve always thought it was weird how people seem to think that if aliens are visiting earth, there must be one species with one agenda. The sheer number of different kinds of sightings and type of craft/beings etc. and the size of the universe in general, would indicate to me that there are several different types of aliens with different wants, needs, and interests.

  3. Why is it absurd?


    We have no idea how evolution would play out on a different planet. Currently, we have the expectation that life could ONLY exist on planets that are similar to our own (which is probably not entirely accurate, but it’s what we have to work with), which means the conditions for evolution would be extremely similar. To me that means that whatever life evolves on those planets could easily be very similar to our own.


    I mean, I don’t know the answer to any of this stuff, but I don’t think it’s any more absurd to believe that life on other planets would be similar to our own than it is to believe that some day we will be able to travel backward in time.


    Additionally, the diversity of life on Earth is not necessarily an argument in your favor. Why? because the specific evolutionary traits of human beings have allowed us to create the technology we have today. One of the most important things that humans have separate from other animals is fine motor skills and devices to employ those (aka, hands with opposable thumbs). Sure, animals like Raccoons have opposable thumbs, but consider that if raccoons evolved to have more developed motor skills, wouldn’t they ALSO be fairly human like in composure? Without fine motor skills we wouldn’t be able to write or manipulate small objects, which would effectively prevent us entirely from employing generational learning and developing complex tools.


    If we use life on Earth as an example of what life OFF of Earth would look like, which is frankly the only thing we can do at this point, having opposable thumbs and fine motor skills is an absolute requirement for developing technology. While an animal like a dolphin might be extremely intelligent, maybe even MORESO than humans, they have no chance whatsoever of creating technology or employing generational learning. They simply don’t have the physical mechanisms to do so.


    All of this is to say.. that life on Earth shows us that the tools humans have physically (hands, fine motor skills) are a big part of why we are able to develop technology. Technology would be a requirement for any ET visiting Earth, therefor it’s not absurd to believe that these ET’s would have similar physical tools at their disposal. Maybe something like an octopus would eventually be able to do this as well, but that’s not something we’ve witnessed to give it credence.


    Mind you. I’m not saying this is absolutely the case. Obviously, humans know very little about the universe at large, and even less about life off planet. I’m simply presenting a reason for why this MIGHT be the case and why it’s not a totally irrational thing to believe.

  4. What if they are from the past — at least from our perspective?

    Almost all ancient cultures teach of bringers of civilization and they all tend to teach that they left. Most of those same cultures teach that some of these beings came from the sky. So let’s say they were an advanced tech human civ that left the planet, then it’s possible they are revisiting and have a different evolutionary path and if they got into genetic engineering they very well may be based on the same stuff we are they just advanced faster than we did.

    Could also explain the seemingly dodgy nature governments have been with disclosure. If these are our kind, but different and more advanced our branch of humanity may be a bit too dense to handle that sort of information.

  5. I don’t think time travel physically exists in our universe. The physics about it is not feasible. I think in parallel universes, some of them are not in the same time line. If this is Earth 50, then in Earth 72 , the year could be 1985 or something. And in Earth 10 the year could be 3500 . Those beings were once human and they have solved the riddle on jumping to parallel universes. They may or maynot intervene and change anything.

  6. I humbly disagree.

    The Human-like form of a torso with two arms and two legs is probably among the most successful that inhabits the Universe. To succumb to the thought that Humanity’s physical traits and appearance will be changing, and that we will devolve into looking like an other, or similar race of beings, is for those who need to suppose that they can assess a future that they cannot even see.

    You can hide behind the warm, benign, low-risk, and protective barrier of «they are us» all that you want. No harm, no foul.

    But in looking at it realistically, it would be wise to accept the fact that we are evolving far faster than we ever have before, and to also accept the fact that others are evolving faster than ‘they’ ever have before, as well.

    The Difference: They are doing it from an evolutionary standpoint that is located millions of years ahead of us.

    Thus, it will not always be “us” from the future.

    It will likely be them, as well.

  7. I think it’s more likely that we have similar manufacturers.

    From what I’ve read over the years is that greys do not have reproductive organs, emotions, or unique ideas/creativity. They are basically AI clones, likely utilized for some sort of labor.

    Applying the zoo hypothesis to Humanity, I can see it’s likely that humanity is some sort of biomech borg, built with all the same functions and behaviors as a CPU. And now having experience with training AI we can see how very close we are in terms of the way we learn and interact with our holographic environment.

    If I were a grey I would probably spend a lot of time in FDVR as a human getting experience feeling emotions and eating food and fuckin.

  8. dying last faction of «humanity» traveled back in time ( now lives underground\ under water) and are doing (genetic work and trying to stop nuclear wars) to make sure our survival to not become like them.

  9. I feel like this theory should at least include the possibility that what we are seeing could also be a byproduct of humanity. It is also just as plausible that we turn ourselves into an more idealistic space faring species, with modifications to our genetics. Or this could be the organic life, (or non organic) life that a future AI would see as the most reasonable variation of all organic life. For me, all possibilities are equally appealing.

    I wanted to make an edit to include the possibility that while hominid in appearance, grays could also be the result of earth’s future genetic makeup. Maybe even the result of another life form, developed with evolutionary characteristics we find today in Homo sapiens.

  10. If they were really smart and wanted to steer humanity anonymously they’d be doing targeted Assassinations of all the shit bag leaders and corporate CEO’s ruining the future for humanity and the planet.

  11. You do realize that humanoids are a thing? How can it be us from the future? It could have evolved on a diff planet. We would be aware of it by now but it looks like their future attempts are just loops.

  12. I’ve always thought this is the dumbest theory. It’s often posited as making more sense than aliens flying interstellar distances, but one could not travel back in time alone and arrive at the same spot. The earth at the equator is rotating at about 1000 mph, orbiting the sun at around 67,000 mph, which is orbiting the center of the galaxy at roughly 137 miles per second, and the galaxy itself moving relative to the cosmic microwave background at 343 miles per second, all of which would have to be accounted for and travelled as well as temporal movement in order to arrive back at relatively the same location on the planet.

    Edit: spelling on mobile.

  13. The closest to this that I could somehow maybe buy into…is they are bio/android AI systems built in our time from future humans controlling s systems here and using future “knowledge”. Only knowledge and or information has transferred time, not physical objects.

  14. Sigh……

    «It’s just humans from the future». For starters if it erre true, it wouldn’t be «just» humans. Humans from the future who could time travel would be so advanced and removed from us that they would virtually not be us.

    Also, no one answers this: Why would humans from the future create endless butterfly effects by harassing and manipulating us? That creates a paradox on multiple levels.

    It’s not so much that you’re wrong. Them being hybrid/future «humans» is a possibility, but it’s actually more ot a stretch than just believing they were a species before us that evolved or they’re from another planet. When you introduce time travel, realize that’s beyond zero point energy, wormholes and seeding life. It’s so far advanced that those who are capable probably wouldn’t do it in an obvious way, like these guys seems to he.

    The world of tomorrow is a good example of how superficial it is to look at a far advanced race as «us».

  15. Maybe and no.
    They could be humans from the future, just not OUR future.
    Once you can more backwards in time, by you going back in time, create a minute change in the past that it would be it’s own timeline and no longer the one you came from.

  16. This theory falls apart because greys are not even the only species out there.
    Mantids and reptilians are also commonly reported, alongside the Nordics.

    Greys aren’t the only ones that exist.

    Their biology is very different to ours.

    Anyone who thinks it’s physically impossible for other humanoids to exist haven’t done research in not only basic biology but also research on extraterrestrials.

    Humans were made by them.

  17. Used to freak my brother out with this theory. I would explain in great detail how our bodies change in space which leads to us being tall greys. Happy to see there are like minded thinkers out there 😊

  18. It’s always been an interesting theory but that’s all it is, even though I do think it’s possible for them to bare some resemblance to our anatomy or shape even if we’re not connected.

  19. Natural Selection no longer applies to humans. We removed ourselves from the process of evolution the day we cracked the human genome. With advancements in Biotechnology, we will be able to change anything about our offspring within the next 200 hundred years. Aliens are future humans is a fun theory, but I highly doubt they are not in complete control of their physical evolution. Doesn’t mean the theory is wrong, maybe they are human, and they had to choose the slender bodies and big eyes because it is more suitable for life in space.

  20. A thought. Assuming time and space are interconnected…. AND time and space are emergent phenomenon, and not fundamental…

    Also, assuming time travel is possible, which is a massive ask.

    Then, what if humans in the future master interstellar travel, and the reason these aliens seem strangely familiar, is because they are human descendants that went to different galaxies and are now returning to study humanity?

    Also…. they can’t interact with humanity due to paradoxes like the grandfather paradox, and the rare occasions they CAN interact with humans in the past are those that will not change the timeline that leads to their creation. Hence, they can get close, but the universe itself prevents them from coming into close contact, except in timelines where the knowledge of them will be sequestered, hidden, and eventually lost or buried in such a manner that it does not affect the future timeline.

  21. It’s absurd to presume absolutely anything is past the realm of possibility. If we can evolve here to look the way we do.. Why wouldn’t it make sense for intelligent life under different conditions to look…wait for it….. DIFFERENT

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