Совершил ли Стивен Грир полное самоубийство с НЛО?

https://youtu.be/EXooxCYc_Ug наконец-то рассказывает о предстоящем событии 10-12 июня. Интересно, что, черт возьми, происходит? Либо он этим совершил окончательное и полное самоубийство НЛО. Если нет, мы будем полностью поражены, и нам придется справиться с потоком новых Бобов Лазаров. Здесь он очень специфичен и подробно описывает, что от него исходит. https://youtu.be/EXooxCYc_Ug

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  1. He’s pretty much stating that he is bringing about 40-50 people who have worked on these projects. Recreated replicas of UFO’s, real UFO’s, have seen aliens at deep underground bases, worked and reverse engineered. He will hold a massive disclosure at the national press club for the public, with 100 seats available to any congress or government official. The whole event will be available to stream online and this is going to be huge. I agree !, This is what Christopher Mellon, Richard Nolan , Gary Nolan, Avi loeb , James fox , members of congress such as Senator Kirsten Gillibrand have talked about. The time is up for these private industries and their phony nda’s with hired assassins. All the ufologists ,if you haven’t heard ;are going to disclose everything they can this year by the end of October. Greer mentioned he has about 5TB of data so far that’s been massively compressed that will be sent to gov officials , leaders , senators etc etc .

    Anyways . My 2 cents , I think we highly disregard Greer’s work because we don’t hear it in the public domain. He doesn’t flash fake Ufo videos or brag about having bs contacts . He did the disclosure project in 2001 and I’ve yet to see anyone with 1/100th of the guts he has to do a press like that. https://youtu.be/4DrcG7VGgQU I hope you all a good night

  2. If he was legitimate why the fuck would he be doing an interview with TPOTM lol

    that channel has greatly helped to maintain the UFO tinfoil/CGI stigma in the age of the internet. Fuck em.

  3. Cheapest Package.



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  4. As much as I dislike Greer’s huge ego and his narcissistic know-it-all attitude the last few years, he is a ufology expert. He knows more than all the so called ‘experts’ have forgotten.

    His exorbitant prices for CE5 contact exercises (which should be free to all human citizens), are a huge grifter red flag. Red flares anyone?

    Overall though, he has compiled a plethora of data through the years, produced some good films, and generally, done some great work on the UFO playground. His first Press Club presser was ground breaking, even though it mostly fell on deaf ears.

    For me personally, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt based on his solid work in the past. I don’t have to like the guy, but I can appreciate his body of work.

    I think this event will either cement him as the godfather of ufology, or the buffoon of tomorrow’s National Enquirer headline. I hope it’s not the latter. We shall see.

  5. Laugh it up. Dr. Greer started this movement—of gathering up real insiders—in 2001.

    That National Press Club event opened the public’s eyes and surely gave others the courage to come forward.

    He’s an insufferable narcissist, to be sure, but why wouldn’t he have become an incredible lightning rod for the real insiders for the last 20 years?

  6. He is a disruptor whether you like him or not. We’ve all been royally wrong or looking like a crazy person at some point when it comes to seeing a 20 second clip or saying I had an experience. So what if the guy is promoting his event and his time? You mad cause you feel like you got scammed. Welcome to the UAP UFO club cause not a single person can say «I’m 100%»

  7. Lets first see who the witnesses/whistleblowers are and if there is evidence they worked at said places. I dont want to hear their records have been deleted, etc.

    I dont believe this dude for a second. Not even because he makes money of it, people gotta eat. But always the »i have documents, i have witnesses i have proof» and never shows anything.

    For now i just feel like he is riding the newfound hype and interest. He can do more damage now then ever now the subject is taking more seriously.

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