Цилиндрический НЛО летит и зависает где-то над Испанией

Цилиндрический НЛО летит и зависает где-то над Испанией

24 комментария для “Цилиндрический НЛО летит и зависает где-то над Испанией

  1. SS — As another poster earlier linked a clip they found on that $ Chan LARP thread I thought I’d link another from there too. This one is better I believe..

    Cant say I’ve ever seen a clip like it, especially when it zooms it and takes a snap of the object.

  2. Why don’t we ever see objects like this resolving or leaving. Always a moment in time they are moving slowly or still.

    Would help so much if we could see something through to conclusion.

  3. Been seeing those cigar shaped craft images. These crafts are supposedly used for transport. I’ve seen a video of 2 flying objects being «retrieved» into a cigar craft. Fascinating.

  4. Phew, this is incredible footage. «Cigar shaped» — — I guess this is what sightings compare the object to. My mind running through sighting descriptions I have read & remembered = what appears to be windows on one side, a marking separating two sides, cigar-like design

  5. Could be a tank, booster, piece of a satellite tumbling down. But you should be able to clear that explanation if you know when/where this is.

    Pretty great footage. Doesn’t look fake to me — appears to be large object, far away, zoomed in as reported.

  6. If this is real footage it would be ground breaking! I have not heard about this on any other network or internet channel. Seems to me like something this clear would be every where. Not positive but I would say it’s probably fake.

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