Странный случай 1886 года, связанный с гудящим шумом и ярким ослепляющим светом.

SS: Статья в журнале Scientific American о 9 свидетелях, увидевших яркий, ослепительный свет, сопровождаемый гудящим шумом. Свидетели остались с травмами, которые теперь соответствуют симптомам современных радиационных ожогов. Я смог найти только одно сообщение на форуме за 2011 год, в котором упоминается этот случай, и больше ничего.

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  1. Tbh, in this era newspapers unashamedly published accounts of things like beings on the moon (and gardens, no less) seen through the most recent telescopes (and yes, canals on Mars), so I’d take something like this with a whole shaker of salt.

  2. If it was «rainy and tempestuous» outside, it was probably storming. That leads me to believe it’s likely ball lightning, which is both known to enter houses (through closed windows and walls) and hum/crackle.

    I mean no one can be 100% sure what is was, but that’s my hypothesis.

  3. There is a youtube channel called eyes on camera and it is all about old eye witness accounts. there might be about a 100 videos there, more add daily looks like, I’m watch them all and they are from all around the world accounts. what I’ve noticed is there is a pattern, the ships wobble as the hover and there is a humming sound, like the whining of a electric pump, they say. I’ve been looking in to something called Electrohydrodynamics. which bring these things together, looks like the HOW may be answered..

    There is another channel called The Paranormal Scholar which she does a real good job at narrating the stories she tells.

  4. I too am looking at old clippings as I write this. The early 1880s and certainly 1887 to 1889 had a wave of sightings. The short accounts are rather typical and boring which makes me think they are genuine. Thanks for posting.

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