«Верите вы или нет, что эти сверхсовременные корабли существуют с умными операторами… это реальность». — Дэн Эйкройд об НЛО, AARO и своих наблюдениях

«Верите вы или нет, что эти сверхсовременные корабли существуют с умными операторами… это реальность». — Дэн Эйкройд об НЛО, AARO и своих наблюдениях

“Whether you believe or not that these hyper advanced craft exist with intelligent operators… it is a reality.” — Dan Aykroyd on UFOs, AARO & his sightings
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  1. I think we can assume that there really is something out there. The question is, what is it? Either they don’t know, or they’re not telling us the truth. Thousands of years ago, the ancients told us about supernatural things, as did religions and myths. There could be some truth to it. Our five senses are very limited in their perception. I am convinced that there is something out there. I would not be surprised if at some point the material world view has to be labelled as outdated.

  2. “They should help mankind.”

    While I don’t disagree, there comes a point where too much help actually hurts. If you help too much, they become reliant on you and your technology. If you help too little, perhaps they cyclically die out as a species from a cataclysm or meteor impact and never have a chance to develop to their potential.

    But you can help in the background. Maybe you spray some reflective aerosols in their atmosphere to slow climate change to give them more time to get themselves together, or maybe you shine a special laser on a radioactive catastrophe in Japan to reduce the effects of radiation spread in the area, or maybe you intercept a potentially devastating meteor over Russia, or maybe you help those with treatable chronic illness and collect samples of gametes containing rare chromosomes through abductions, or maybe you study developing prion diseases in the deer or elk population of national parks (and cattle) that have a high risk of transferring to humans through their food supply so you abduct hunters and fauna in the wilderness that scan positive. And maybe you occasionally stir conflicts to inspire innovation and speed things up, seeding technology along the way through planned crashes and other means.

    Maybe they *already are doing those things*, and maybe there are videos and testimony out there if you look for it..but I don’t think they’re likely to help the poor villagers in Africa get clean water when we have the means ourselves but choose not to. That’s more an opportunity for *us*, I think. I think they try to help us on more of a macro scale when it’s outside of our present capabilities.

  3. Aliens know intergalactic law forbids them from interacting with humans for whatever reasons. So what do aliens do if they want a slice of pizza? Well… They put on their life-like synthetic human suits and go down on the surface. Then they go get that pizzapie or tacos. Then they go back up to the ship to share the pizza or tacobell with their homies. lol.

  4. I recently went back and watched «Dan Aykroyd: unplugged on UFO’s». I remember thinking it was bonkers 15 years ago. Today it seems pretty tame and also in line with a lot of what is being said about crash retrieval now. Now it is a very bizzare in that it is mostly him talking, smoking a cigarette, sweating with a camera too close.

    Side note I haven’t listened to Carolla in a decade. Wonder if he still is phoning it in and doing is old rich man shouts at Clouds and airplanes bit.

  5. Help us out? Yes, I wish they would. But perhaps they either have a Star Trek style non-interference directive, or, more ominously, they are waiting for us to destroy ourselves so that they can take possession of the Earth for their own uses. After all, even an Earth that humanity has mostly destroyed all life off of would be infinitely easier to terraform than Mars or Venus.

  6. Dan is awesome. He’s been a real role model for me over the years, especially as a fellow level 1 autism supporter. And, what he is describing is true. It’s nice to see the general public and mainstream finally talk about the reality of this phenomenon.

  7. I understand that if you have seen multiple events, that would make you a believer. But it seems people who are believers happen to cross paths with these events more often. Is that because they are on the look out, or when they see something they default to alien event

  8. What website is Ackroyd referring to when he says you’ll see it on the website when referencing the stingray ufo and Mexico City flying humanoid? I looked up these terms and didn’t find the photos he was mentioning.

  9. Sorry, but I don’t really know about his reputation and from the comments here it appears that he is known within this circle so at the cost of sounding skeptical, I’d like to ask — If he had a UFO / UAP in clear view for one whole minute within just 50ft, why would anyone in the group thought of video recording or snapping a pic ?

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