надо раскрыть их все!

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надо раскрыть их все!

gotta disclose em all!
byu/the_rainmaker__ inaliens

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  1. One day I want aliens to arrive and be like “Hello humans!” and we’ll all be like it’s about time! We’ve been watching you for like a hundred years! And they’ll be like, “We just got here wtf are you on about?”

  2. Why do people keep talking about disclosure as if anything at all has been disclosed? The closest we got was the Mexico mummies, and they are not confirmed yet either as noting at all has been released aside from the words of a few people.

  3. God forbid we let them interdurrrmensionalz ruin OUR timeline. It’s ours to travel back and correct. Not theirs to travel into and conquer. Best to disclose our imaginary friends rather than expose the homegrown lunacy. 😄

  4. Too late we were already invaded… Earth has already been hijacked.

    😉We need to be liberated from this slave planet and from our captors… Unfortunately most of the inhabitants of this planet is suffering from cognitive dissonance and Stockholm syndrome.

    The Moon is a Draco Reptilian Space Station…

    Ask yourself why is there 34 Dragon statues that surround the City of London. Why is there also a Obelisk in every city on the planet. It’s the phallus of the Dragon, the actual word is derived from Basilisk. Which means King of the Serpents. In the Vatican they have St. Peters Basilica where there are three Dragon statues and Obelisks.

    Why did every ancient culture in antiquity worship the dragon?

    The pharaohs of Egypt were the refugees of Atlantis!

    ALIEN ARCHONS HAVE BEEN RULING THE SURFACE OF PLANET SINCE BEFORE THE «BUY BULL» The IllumiNazis are but a predecessor of an older and even more cruel order. They’ve been running this planet since the dawn of time…Dragons aren’t some mythological being…The Draco Reptilians came from the Alpha Draconis star system out of the Draco Constellation… They were know as the Atlanteans, Satan, Baphomet, Archons, Draconian’s, in the bible they were known as the Seraphim, the Burning Ones/Serpents also the Nephilim or Elohim, the fallen angels, those who were casted out from the heavens. Both words are plural and feminine, meaning there were many gods and were androgynous. The Sumerians knew them as the Anunnaki… Anakim in Hebrew means giant…Because they are very tall 7ft-15ft and have shapeshifting abilities. In the Indian culture they were known as the Naga. Dracula in Latin means Dragon, The Order of the Dracul is the order of the Dragon able to shift physically into other creatures a bat wolf a bear a human or into the aether via the quantum field.

    Earth is a farm we are all cattle and humanity lives in a contrived reality!

    Freemasons are the minions of the Draco Reptilian Empire!

    The Legend Of Atlantis

    The Mayans called them Quezatcoatl, and Kukulcan the Feathered Serpent King and the Incans called him Viracocha they incorporated their images of dragons in their pyramids on opposite ends of the world. There are dragon statues all over the world, throughout the ages, in every ancient culture! The coat of arms for the city of London is two Dragons holding a red shield, which in German is Rothschild. There are 33 Dragon statues in the City of London to quell consciousness. The slaying of a Dragon by St. George. Twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac are all real, including the dragon ! The Muslims knew them as Dajjal or Djinn or Genies… After your three wishes your soul is theirs to keep. They were also known to the Buddhist monks as the Brotherhood of Two dragons. The Red Dragons in the east and the Yellow in the west. Same goes for the native American Indians all the Aboriginals knew them as the Brotherhood of the Snake. The Egyptian knew them as Horus, Anubis and Amen Ra…That’s why every religion says amen after every prayer cause they are paying homage to Satan Baphomet/ Draco Reptoids! Santa Claus is actually Satan’s Claws both wearing red, both come from the fire, both have minions working feverishly. All religions and holidays are based on satanic doctrines and pagan dogmas. And if you don’t believe me than you’re being quite draconian about it.

    Basilisk in Latin means King of the Serpents, as in St Peters Basilica where there lies two Dragon Statues in the Vatican as well as Obelisks, the phallus of the Dragon that is why there is at least few obelisks in every city on the planet the Freemasons put them there throughout history in order to control consciousness…The Chinese, Japanese, India, Indonesians, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas all worship the Dragon in antiquity… There are Gargoyles adorn every church and cathedral…. The Egregores the Watchers… The biggest trick the D-Evil can play is making humanity believe that he does not exist :/

    Hollow Earth True HISTORY , HITLER  & NWO ( GOTTA SEE THIS !!! ) Documentary

    There are over 10 thousand pyramids that align with each other on a global grid system with gps accuracy to the millimetre. In the Aegean Sea there are 13 ancient Megalithic sites that represent the 13 Illuminati Families that control the world, that when you connect them dot to dot, over 1000km area makes a perfect Maltese Cross. This is the symbol of the Monarchy, Freemasonry, Vatican, Jesuits, Knights of Malta and Templars, even Hitler’s Germany. Megalithic architecture on geomantic energy sites, in conjunction with an occult esoteric satanic Freemasonry religion of Kabbhalism, aka the Lucifer experiment in order to control humanities consciousness and why there is an obelisk in every major city on the planet… The pyramids also create dimensional portals into Agartha/Hollow Earth, hence disappearance of boats, planes in the Bermuda Triangle and Dragon’s Triangle…


    Dragons see humanity as a resource for the simple fact that they are not vegetarians! 1 million people disappear in the United States every single year. 8 million children globally disappear annually off the globe.

    The Legend Of Atlantis

    Secrets Of The 3rd Reich Secret Nazi Research in Alien Technology

    Nephilim: TRUE STORY of Satan, Fallen Angels, Giants, Aliens, Hybrids, Elongated Skulls & Nephilim

    If none of the links are active go to my YouTube channel

  5. ![gif](giphy|ntoC59BF4CRqM)

    “We come in peace.”

    First of all old science even says that faster than light is time travel, and we don’t see life for a baffling amount of lightyears.

    Also 5th dimension means time travel. 4th dimension is regular time. 3rd dimension is space. We usually experience 4d, a particle that enters a quantum state experiences 5d which means time travel. We in 4d see the entangled particles doing faster than light reactions and probability time travel magic.

    It’s easy to understand like this: Quantum superposition and entanglement is time travel that returns back into our 4d reality and the quantum probability time traveled. [https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a43027951/quantum-time-travel/#](https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a43027951/quantum-time-travel/#)

    Aliens have better, AI that probably has access to our internet.

    Aliens don’t publicly show themselves so they probably cause the coverups, and delayed the disclosure.

    Aliens also don’t give us their technology so it’s probably their plan to delay ours.

  6. It’s premature to categorize aliens; various theories suggest they could be future humans, creators of our DNA, extraterrestrials from diverse galaxies, or remnants of Atlantis. and all we can do is hope that the disclosure sheds light on the mysteries.

  7. When are they going to get to the alien abductions? Never…that’s why they changed the name from ufo to uap.
    UFO’s abduct people
    UAP’s just fly around

    See how easy it was to do that?

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