Что это? Связано с инопланетянами?

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Так что я не знал точно, куда это опубликовать, но сразу подумал об этой группе. Может быть, это связано с инопланетянами? Это гигантский проволочный шар, похожий на штуку. И да, это обычные контейнеры для хранения.

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  1. 8 sides, 5 containers high = 40 containers

    40 containers at ascot $3k each = $120,000

    Not to mention the effort of stacking those 5 high which would take a large crane and an excavator to level the foundation.

    That’s a lot of effort and money to cover a sculpture unless it was really something special or a giant meth lab.

  2. So this structure with the fascinating shaped object won’t show up on Google earth for me, but it’s definitely the same area & the surrounding buildings do show. How recent are your photographs of the area?

  3. Looks like the shipping containers would have to be removed for them to move the object. But one picture with no roof and then another with a roof? Air lifted maybe? But honestly looks like one of them balls them guys ride dirt bikes in at a carnival.

  4. A lot of times containers are used in his matter for film making. Using it as a location stage (Green Screen). Containers are bought or leased then sold at wrap. It’s a lot cheaper to build a temporary stage like this when filming at a certain location for long periods of time

  5. I can’t read every comment, so if this has been stated, apologies.
    You can find the owner in a few seconds, he owns an art school, is renowned for large sculptures, specifically metal sculptures.
    I don’t think it’s much of a mystery, as much as I’d like it to be.

  6. I live about 90 minutes from here. My first though is taking a drone there and flying it inside.
    If somebody has a drone I could borrow near San Diego I’d be willing to make a little road trip out there next week.

  7. Trillions of dollars in defense funds and they’re going to hide alien tech behind a couple hundred thousands of dollars of shipping crates with no cover from satellites? Makes perfect sense…

  8. It honestly looks like a (albeit, rather large) “globe of death” to me. If you don’t know what that is it’s a carnival/circus stunt where people on dirt bikes and/or motorcycles enter this round cage and maneuver through it in all directions.

  9. Where exactly is this? Lat = ?. Lon = ?. Who owns the property of the coordinates? What land aquisition / ownership changes have happened over X timeframe? How long from first to last pic? IE: how long has this been there? I’m done with these bullshit back and forth a with bots here on Reddit. Anyone who’s sentient. What is this?

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