Что вы думаете о взрыве, произошедшем над Миннесотой?

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Что бы это ни было, оно определенно двигалось быстро.

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  1. Copied from u/Johnnytheboneless collecting poeples comments on r/UFOs thread;

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 11/12 at 1:00 AM by u/Tiocfaidh-Allah

    I saw this exact thing in western PA at 1:00AM on Sunday. I was driving north on the highway and it passed overhead in the same direction I was going. It looked like a really bright star, but it wasn’t streaky like any shooting stars I’ve seen.It wasn’t the ISS; I have an app to track it and it wasn’t overhead at the time. What I saw was also much faster and seemingly much lower. It was going at least 2 miles per second, or around 10x the speed of sound. But there was no sonic boom or any sort of loud noise.It looked exactly like what the video here shows. The one video makes it look streaky, but it was a solid white light when I saw it in person.

    If anyone here lives in the Pittsburgh area and has a home security camera, check the footage from between 12:55AM and 1:05AM on early Sunday, November 12.


    Madison, Wisconsin, 11/14 at 7:55 PM EST (traveling east) by u/JohnnyTheBoneless

    I just saw what you’re describing tonight in Wisconsin two hours ago. I heard a weird whooshing sound which prompted me to look up. I then saw what looked like a shooting star based on how fast it was moving across the sky. Then it lit up with a white light for less than a second and was gone.No noise except for the wind sound. Maybe the size of a large automobile. It was no more than a couple hundred feet off the ground. My wife saw it too. It was seriously bizarre.


    Ohio, 11/13 by u/Illustrious-Watch-36

    I’m in Ohio and saw this last night when I let my dogs out. Sooooooo fast!!!


    Indiana (northern), 11/14 at 7:20 pm EST by u/triumphantgiff

    I live in Northern Indiana. Saw something like this on my way home tonight, definitely wasn’t a meteor. Had a green glow around it. Clear sky tonight and the object was moving just like it did in this video. It disappeared almost as fast as I noticed it.. decided to hop on Reddit to see if anyone else had seen it and came across this video. First time ever seeing something like this.


    South Minnesota, 11/13, 6:00 AM by u/Magic_Mike813

    I’m in south-central MN and am often outdoors in the early mornings (4:00-6:00 AM, thanks to my pup liking to wake my ass up) and watched what I thought was a shooting star (aka meteor) travel incredibly fast west to east Monday morning. It was at a higher altitude than this video but seing this makes me wonder what I actually saw. That is definitely not a bug (it was way too cold at that time of the morning) and doesn’t look to be a meteor either. Eerie but so cool at the same time.


    New Jersey, 11/13 at 5 PM EST by u/pingopete

    I’m now wondering if I may have witnessed an earlier part of this thing’s trajectory and am beating myselft up for not setting the video to record prior.I have literally hours of satellite footage, planes, iridium flashes, bugs and birds at night passing Infront of the lens and never saw anything move so fast at distance and be so bright.What I saw definately wasn’t close to the camera because the object was in focus and the lens I’m using has a very narrow depth of field focused to infinity making anything closer than 100ft out of focus (f/0.95 Brightinstar lens). It was much too fast, straight moving, and illuminated to be a distant bird, and too fast for a distant plane or even a satellite in orbit.I had the camera pointing at about 40 degrees north east and pointing up at about 60 degrees from level when it passed the frame. I’m based pretty much bang in the center of NJ, and so the object was heading in a straight line at roughly 300 degrees north west, this would also put it roughly on track headed towards the Great lakes and Wisconsin and potentially MN.That said I definately didn’t hear any sonic boom but I also have no idea if the object was in or out of the atmosphere at the time.


    Toronto, Canada, 11/13 evening (traveling south) by u/Mostlygrowedup4339

    Ok this is crazy, I saw something that looked IDENTICAL to this last night. I am in Toronto too which is a major urban centre. I was like «there is no way that is a meteor». It was my first time seeing something in the sky that I felt to be anomolous. It was bright white in colour, had a bit of a streak like this, but moved almost as fast as a meteor. I’d guess slightly less fast than a meteor but orders of magnitude faster than a plane/satelite.

  2. Yo there were some very bright flashes and loud bangs that also rattled my windows in upstate New York last night. The news said it was a lightening storm but I’ve never seen anything like it. Not claiming to know what it was but weird coincidence

  3. The streak doesn’t look like a meteor disintegrating in the atmosphere at all. The loud explosion could mean that something very big broke the sound barrier close by. I had the great fortune to live through a coup attempt when I was young. An F16 decided to break the sound barrier low over the city just to fuck with people. It sounded like an explosion, everything shook, windows rattled, we thought the building had been hit by a shell and we all ran down to the underground garage.

  4. I watched the airport video about 20 times and the link here that shows it on facebook on the airport’s page, the 2nd or 3rd time i watched it there I coulda swore I saw it «enter» from the darker hole inside the cloud from top left to lower right in a curvey trajectory, THEN it circles into the turn from right to left that we are all seeing. It’s even faster as it (enters the atmosphere?).

  5. I live here. My coworker said people had videos of helicopters with searchlights… I really need to find these. I don’t have facebook.

    I don’t even want to say it, but I saw some weird shit in the sky for a minute now. I work midnights so I’m always looking towards the sky. The stars here are incredible even in the city, but i work on the outskirts and live way in the sticks.

    I’ve had a CE1 with a fireball in 2010. Can link the NUFORC link from then if anyone likes.

  6. Holy Jesus Christ. This is compelling. Minnesotians (idk if that’s right) Please ask anyone you know in the area to check ring Cam’s etc.

    If you watch the airport (2nd vid) and then listen to the blast (1st vid) —

    Dear Lord. This was no joke. There must be a crash/impact site. Can anyone narrow down where the crash could have been?

  7. Probably some top secret military hardware that was in orbit and came back to earth. They wouldn’t advertise the re-entry to keep away scavengers. Or, more boringly, something natural.

  8. Wasn’t there a large meteor and boom in Russia about 10 years ago that actually damaged buildings? Why in the world can’t this be exactly the same thing, especially with the meteor showers going on?

  9. Few things to take into consideration

    These meteors blow up high in the atmosphere, it’ll take a good 10 minutes before you hear anything.

    When asteroids or meteors enter the atmosphere, they start as a streak, then glow and become extremely bright, either green, blue, red, yellow, then disappear. This is because they heat up and blow up.

    When you witness this, sit and wait for 30 minutes, you may or may not hear a boom depending on the size of the explosion that occurred.

    Not saying thats what this was, although this occurance has happened many many times and has fooled folks who aren’t aware of what just occurred.

    But at this time a bright flash in the sky from an object zipping in, flashing bright, then disappearing silently, is all direct evidence to a meteors that blew up in the upper atmosphere.

    Sound takes time to travel and if very high up, less atmosphere, less sound as the pressures up there are tiny (barely any medium to carry sound). The closer it gets to earth, and depending on the size, the bigger the boom.

  10. There are two videos.

    One with the flash and loud boom, and the other at the airport with the object flying horizontally. But it’s not the same event, and they were conflated with each other.

    Boom video is likely to be a meteor during peak Taurid season, and the airport vid is probably a bug that landed on the pole in the end, as the object doesn’t go past it.

  11. here in Oklahoma in the northern part of central okc, heading toward Edmond, around middle September (looking for the date rn) exact same size white light beamed across where we were on the highway & it was around 2 am. never seen anything in my life move this fast & I’ve attended air shows many times. I barely had a chance to catch it before I blinked it was that fast. There were corroborating reports from that night in a town that was in the EXACT same direction it was flying.

  12. I wonder if someone out there was working on propulsion tech, and recent news got them buggy about making it out the gate with a finished product. Maybe it’s a test flight gone way off rails. Unintended levels of success without the expected safety measures around high speed flight we usually observe in NHI craft.

  13. I can only go by camera footage that I’ve seen.

    But to me it looks like an amateur rocket of some sort. Would have to be a pretty large powerful one, but the flight trajectory and bright flashes reminds me of when I was a kid and fireworks and our model rockets would misfire and go up 10-20 feet and then shoot horizontally off somewhere in the distance. We’d pack up and leave and never speak about it again.

    EDIT: nevermind. I saw another clip and have no idea what it is. I withdraw above statement.

  14. Before the incident residents were complaining of several drones all over… then the incident happened… the following day tons of helicopters not on flight radar we’re shaking homes searching for something… I have photos of the trail this thing left behind

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