Каковы обычные инопланетяне, с которыми люди, по утверждениям, сталкивались? Серые, богомолы, «нордические», … ??

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Я уверен, что об этом уже говорилось раньше, но какие основные типы видов люди утверждают, что видели? Спасибо. Примечание: изображение было видно при увеличении знаменитого видео с НЛО в Кумбургазе.

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  1. There are families of alien types. Nordics, Grays, Reptilians, and Insectoids (which may just be a type of gray). Of these there are many separate visual appearances but they’re related to those family groups. The races were seeded on planets across the galaxy. We humans are a member of the Nordic family group.

  2. Insectoid (mantis etc), reptilian, greys, Nordic, humanoid (very similar to human height/build/, shrunk down humanoid (similar to humans only much smaller), robotic (resembling robots with antennae etc), hairy/mammalian, pretty sure there are more.

  3. 1. Short Greys/Zetas
    2. Tall Greys
    3. Mantids
    4. Nordics/Pleiadians
    5. Reptilians
    6. Reptilian/Grey hybrids
    7. Very short brownish skinned «Greys» with glowing eyes. Very rare type but reported more than just once
    8. Lyrans/Cat people

    Other than those you have the weird one-off aliens which are very weird but not important. Other than that a lot of people say there’s two kinds of reptilians, the native earth underground ones, and the more violent imperial winged alien Draco reptilians. People seem to like to add the Tall Whites, but it’s only one guy who has claimed to encounter them I think.

  4. Linda Moulton Howe reckoned President Regan was briefed back in early 80s and informed about a number of species (as mentioned in the thread) but also Trantaloids. Spider like species (6 legs) that can disguse itself as human and is hostile to humanity.

    Then again she also reckons the USA have 3 space based aircract carriers that are conducting missions in other starsystems: USS Curtis LeMay, USS Hoyt Vandenberg and USS Roscoe Hillenkoetter.

    Personally i think shes been watching too much Stargate SG1. A brilliant investigative journalist in her earlier career. But now just accepts as fact what her ‘in the know sources’ tell her.

  5. As noted in the other comments, the most common descriptions are various greys, mantis-like beings, reptilians, and very human-like beings who are not quite human. There are many others, but they are nowhere near as frequently mentioned as the aforementioned ones.

  6. I’ve seen light beings, resemble greys but not fully corporeal. They glow, or more so, they are light; definition of large eyes, head, bipedal, and more like 6 foot tall. The greys being about half their height. The light does seem to emanate, they’re very slight, I’d say small framed, but hardly framed is more correct. Memories from childhood anywho- I have a clear picture, and remember talking about them, but I haven’t seen them as an adult. That i know of! ✌️👽

  7. I’ve been keeping a list from books published since the late 1950s of what various people have reported seeing. There are about 130 unique descriptions so far. One of my favorites is some guys who looked like 3 foot metallic asparagus.

  8. My cousin and I when we were kids have seen very short «greys» with glowing red eyes, face to face, and also the same beings with pitch black eyes (which is one thing that convinces me they’re artificial).

    I tried to forget all of that for a long time until the UAP leaks and hearings started happening. The past few years I’ve been reading books of witness interviews by John Mack and others. From what I can tell, based on the retellings that at least match up with what I’ve experienced from them in person, the most common seem to be greys, ones that look completely human, some hybrids of both, and then rarely beings that are a bit taller and have a triangular shaped head with two large black eyes on each end (similar to our mantis bugs).

    I feel every variation in between that people genuinely witness is likely the result of genetic experimentation, probably using Earth DNA as a source (but I’m just guessing).

    Earth may be being used to create life elsewhere without our knowledge. But who is doing it, no idea. Maybe the mantis-like beings are the OG «aliens» or NHI (because for all we know they’re also from Earth, just staying out of sight), or maybe they just serve something else that never shows itself. Could also be human or human descendants at the center of all of this too.

  9. The mantis ones have always interested me because I’ve had a lot of encounters with praying mantises over the years, and I occasionally have dreams with praying mantises in them.

  10. I read the #1 most described «alien» is actually human. Most encounters are with beings that look just like us but they dress strangely and obviously are using technology far more advanced than our own. The second most common is greys.

    Read Jacques Vallee. We probably used to call those human-looking beings fairies.

  11. Apparently different cultures and or parts of the world see aliens differently. In other words. They manifest differently to other people. From what I gathered Europeans see Nordic et’s. North America see greys, short, big headed et’s. South Americans see larger harry creatures similar to Sasquatch. Fascinating if true. Heard it on podcast with ufo researchers. Had no idea. I always figured the classic grey aliens are the most common. “The more you know”…

  12. From what ive seen on here and from accounts on youtube and other places, like 95% or higher are some form of greys, either short greys or some sort of tall greys, facial features are usually the primary changing, some are reported with mouths, some not, some noses, some not. The main distinguishing feature of aliens though is that they are always with smooth grey skin, large heads and round black eyes.

  13. The Kumburgaz ufo videos are amazing and in my opinion 100% real. Some skeptics have theorized that it was the upper deck of some cruise ships, but those cruise ships would have had to be several hundred feet in the air and stationary in the same area, for several days and only at night.

    And to answer your question — I think grays and nordics are the most common encountered.

  14. Those teeth are creepy. The weird thing on the forehead. Weird head phone looking things around the ears probably for the craft. The eyes are slanted in. Appears to have a bigger nose than I suspected. They didn’t look friendly.

  15. When I was a kid, it was all greys. Close Encounters, Communion, the Incident in Lake County, etc. Now there’s pleaidian draconians, mantids, large and small greys. It’s almost as if they are just made up….

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