Новый анализ 200-футового «объекта в форме тарелки», замеченного над Андами в 2010 году, показал, что это «настоящий НЛО»: «Мы приближаемся к истине», говорят ученые

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Новый анализ 200-футового «объекта в форме тарелки», замеченного над Андами в 2010 году, показал, что это «настоящий НЛО»: «Мы приближаемся к истине», говорят ученые

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  1. Was this reported anywhere else other than the Daily Mail?

    Addendum: When looking at the original pic of the object, and zooming in, I do not see the degree of detail present in the accompanying photos.

  2. Why the hell would adjusting the RGB of an image after the fact be considered «detailed analysis» ??? it’s almost absolutely pointless. We can do that on any shareware image program in about 10 seconds

  3. Just don’t understand why UFOs just kinda pop in for a quick look and then we never see it again.

    What’s with all the stalking? Abduct us already. Invade us. Greet us. Drop us a pamphlet for Jehovah’s witnesses. Do something!

    If they’re truly aliens and they’re able to fly to earth so silently and undetected from all satellites etc we have in space… I really don’t think they’d get caught by some random ass camera viewing a mountain or some random guy in South America with a camera.

    It can be a UFO, but it doesn’t mean there is an outer space life form present or controlling it. If it were, that alien employee gonna get sacked. «Jerry I told you so many times, avoid high tech detection they have surrounding the planet and on the surface. But watch out for the god damn shitty cameras they have»

  4. Honestly at this point if your “ufo evidence” doesn’t include a normal not hyperzoomed picture I’m just gonna dismiss it now.

    Jesus Christ stop zooming in on 10 fucking pixels. Just show the original image. It likely isn’t very compelling and that’s why people hyper zoom and give you the one cropped and zoom image where it looks weird because the quality is so degraded.

  5. I keep seeing this image shown and I just still don’t understand why this of all pictures is getting covered so much? Trust me, I believe in UFOs and want all this to be real as much as the next guy, but this doesn’t look like anything but an imaging artifact to me. Nothing about the image is clear and the last thing I would think that is, is a 200ft UFO being obscured by the clouds. And I’m constantly panning the skies hoping I’ll see something. Maybe I need to read the complete analysis of the image but it’s just a single still image. And I never heard a story about the people taking it describing seeing a 200ft ship before taking the picture.

  6. “Scientists”

    People on here say that like it means something. I’m a scientist, you’re a scientist, anyone who wants to be a scientist can call themselves a scientist, it’s not a protected title and means nothing for your credibility

  7. I saw THIS EXACT SHIP this summer in August! I was doing a gentle CE5 meditation and it appeared overhead, just fading slowly into view and then out again. It looked much, much larger than 200 feet at the time though! It may have been much closer when I witnessed it, because it covered about 1/4 of what I could see if the sky! It also seemed to have more lights lit up in the main saucer part, but those may have been something else. I couldn’t believe it when I saw these pictures today!

  8. Interesting that none of the pics you posted show the original image. The original image is pointing directly at the sun. It’s a freaking lens flare. That is a reflection of the inside of the camera, not a ufo. Never seen anything more obvious. The ufo community really needs to start being even a little more discerning over crap like this.

  9. anyone else think its bullshit aliens let them government lie to us? If you don’t want to get involved then don’t but if you’re going to come around these parts then make it known. Shit or get off the pot ET

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