Почему этого сейчас нет в Интернете? Почему Марию проигнорировали?

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https://www.the-alien-project.com/en/nazca-mummies-maria/ Я не совсем уверен, когда этот веб-сайт заработал, но это было как минимум в 2019 году, а может быть, даже раньше. С тех пор как предполагаемые инопланетные мумии были показаны перед мексиканским конгрессом, мир, похоже, забыл о Марии. Это один из других экземпляров, найденных под землей в Наске. У этого предположительно 23-33% ДНК homo sapiens в зависимости от того, какое учреждение проводило генетическое тестирование (либо Санкт-Петербургский университет, либо «Биотекмол»). Остальная часть ДНК не определена или принадлежит бактериям/другим видам. Это отличается от тестов ДНК более мелких экземпляров, которые недавно были показаны мексиканскому конгрессу. В более ранних исследованиях 2017–2018 годов более мелкие экземпляры назывались гуманоидными рептилиями. Так что тем из вас, кто хочет увидеть, как выглядят рептилии, не смотрите дальше, теперь они кажутся гораздо менее страшными. Однако почему о Марии просто забыли? Зачем показывать только маленьких инопланетных рептилий с выдвижными инопланетными шеями?

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  1. «Why isn’t this all over the internet by now? Why has Maria been ignored?»

    Simply put, with the dubious actors involved, the circumstances surrounding the discovery, the stop motion animation movies from the alleged tomb robbers, the loose handling of the mummies themselves, and the fact that we have seen these hoaxes every few years with no payoff, leaves many of us wary.

    We are waiting to see something worth getting excited about. If it is true, great. Then we will celebrate once it is proven. If its not true, then we correctly filtered out yet another charlatan.

  2. OP starts off halfway legit. uses the word allegedly & at 1st it seems to be some personal speculation.

    but by the end of the post, OP has switched over to «this is what reptilian look like» type shit & left out all qualifying terms like ‘allegedly’.
    just another person posting about this topic tht dives into complete belief & acts insulted tht everyone else doesn’t accept any old thing quite as quickly & easily.

  3. It was all over the internet…5 years ago. It got called out as a fraud then. Nothing has changed over 5 years, either, except there’s now a flashy website with the totally not biased name “The Alien Project”

  4. Let’s follow this line of thinking, UFOs are real right? We all know that. Non human biologics, from crash sites. So we know aliens are real and biological. They aren’t globs of gel so they must have skeletal structure.

    So why haven’t we found more alien «skeletons» from crash sites. Not even a few bones or skulls?

  5. [An internationally peer reviewed paper on the mummies from IARAS:](https://www.iaras.org/iaras/filedownloads/ijbb/2021/021-0007(2021).pdf)

    Published in the International Journal of Biology and Biomedicine

    >Examinations on the found “bodies” were carried out by a multitude of international specialists on X-rays, scanning, DNA and Radiocarbon (C14) analysis in ten countries across the world [1], [10], [11].
    >The examinations showed that the “bodies” may be real biological material and, **despite all controversy surrounding the case, no evidence of fraud has been established.**

    (emphasis mine)

  6. The same “mummies” were photographed a few years ago and proven fake. Then the exact same props were “found again” with absolutely no change to them. The person of interest “finding” these “aliens” is a known fraud and keeps doing this stunt for attention.

  7. The media only covers the Team Red vs Team Blue politics. Talking about aliens would cut into their profits and well oiled format of making you hate your neighbor because they voted the wrong way. They need you angry not curious.

  8. “Why isn’t this all over the internet by now?” Considering you’re using a site called the alien project im assuming their sources are shady at best. Not to mention how stupid the Mexico mummies are

  9. Maria is most certainly a human being with some odd physical characteristics.

    People are quite easily convinced that Maria is an alien, especially after looking at the hands. The hands seem quite different from ours. They appear to be longer, having an entire extra bone in the fingers. There is also 3 fingers.

    So we get the impression that she is some long fingered alien with 3 fingers who died here on Earth in about the year 250.

    But if you look at a [diagram of a human hand](https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img923/3904/m4cXqd.jpg) you can clearly see the similarities. When we die the flesh in our hands rots away. The hand bones become exposed creating the appearance of long, dangly, 4-boned fingers.

    Maria was a human female, born with [hand and foot abnormalities](https://www.google.com/search?q=person+born+hand+and+foot+abnormality&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwiU-s6SraiCAxVeN0QIHYVwBhcQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=person+born+hand+and+foot+abnormality&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQA1C4CFjSEWCyFGgAcAB4AIABSogBrAWSAQIxMJgBAKABAaoBC2d3cy13aXotaW1nwAEB&sclient=img&ei=jS1FZdT_G97ukPIPheGZuAE&bih=752&biw=1601&rlz=1C1CHBD_enUS1045US1045) who died young.

  10. Why? Because the MSM is controlled by private interests and they dont want you learning the truth about our ancient history. Better you remain a Battery forever and continue to feed other sources that interfere with humans since the dawn of our creation. Thats why. Move along and be scared of what we tell u to be scared of.

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