Ожидание наконец закончилось?

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Подробности планеты смотрите на картинке, которую я предоставил. Итак, НАСА только что обнаружило «диметилсульфид» в атмосфере гицеевой планеты под названием k2-18b, которая в 8,6 раз массивнее Земли и в 2,6 раза больше Земли, большая ее часть состоит из воды и вращается вокруг звезды красного карлика под названием « к2-18″. «Диметилсульфид» может производиться только жизнью, а на Земле он производится микробными формами жизни, и они провели тест 2 раза, и оба раза мы получили одинаковые результаты! Но все же есть некоторые ученые, которые говорят, что, возможно, на этой планете он производится чем-то другим, и мы не можем игнорировать их точку зрения, потому что это произошло и в 2020 году, мы нашли газ на Венере, и мы считали, что это какой-то тип газа. инопланетных существ производят продукцию на Венере, но мы ошибались. НАСА собирается начать две миссии на эту планету в 2024 году. (Не обращайте внимания на грамматические ошибки, пожалуйста)

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  1. I think the thing I’m most gutted about is the fact that I’m never going to see pictures from the surface of these potentially beautiful and fascinating planets. We’d need to invent a method of travel that allows us to travel 10x the speed of light for me to ever get the chance 🙁

  2. 110 light years!!! This is a stupid question . If it take 110 years at the speed of light . How can we even see it if takes light that long or are we seeing it 110 years ago .. so sorry

  3. No, but the JWST will *probably* be how we definitively discover alien life (assuming some drunk ass alien didn’t crash his saucer on earth at some point). And this will probably happen within the next 20 years.

    But the way it will work is via multiple independent spectrographic lines of evidence, as the OP implies — but even more. It can detect H2O. It can detect various byproducts of life on earth. It can detect O2. And the clincher: it can actually detect photosynthetic pigments, theoretically, and the spectrographic pattern for photosynthetic pigments is *evolutionarily predicted by the solar output of the parent star*.

    Now this is important, because that last bit would be irrefutable proof of life — full stop. But there is always error in any kind of scientific measurement, and for things like O2, we KNOW it can be produced through inorganic means. So the irrefutable proof of alien life requires multiple lines of evidence: water, oxygen or a similar metabolic byproduct of life (ideally more than one so that the argument of a natural origin is even less plausible), and ideally something that matches what would be expected for photosynthetic pigments. The latter bit may not be possible if the planet has a thick atmosphere, like this one does. But it is in principle possible. If the JWST was in that star system and it was turned to earth, it would determine that earth has life via the means I’ve just described here.

    Each one of these things independently could be refutable and explainable by inorganic means — even potentially a pattern that seems to match that predicted by specific photosynthetic pigments (but that would be a stretch). However, TOGETHER this evidence would be irrefutable. That’s what people need to understand here. A planet that we find water, oxygen, spectrographic evidence of photosynthetic pigments, or *anything* equivalent to what I just described but using a different predominant biochemistry that we are still familiar with due to life-as-we-know it existing here on earth would be absolutely irrefutable evidence of alien life and the JWST is absolutely capable of discovering it.

    So yes, this telescope can and probably will discover alien life. But it won’t be immediate. It will be carefully acquired, retested, and accumulated evidence over a long time period until the evidence is literally irrefutable. It probably won’t satisfy some people here, but it would probably satisfy anyone who reads this post and understands the significance of what I am talking about.

  4. It is 110 light years away, so it will only take us 8.5 million years to reach it.

    Basically, we are like cavemen staring at the moon


    We will never know if it has life or is habitable. Imagine even traveling light speed to get there and because of time dilation, 9 million years had passed how disappointing it would be arriving and seeing that a comet or some other cataclysm happened and the planet was not habitable.

  5. Why are we always looking hundreds of light years away? There are 30 stars leass than 10 light years away. Are we looking at these and have we been able to rule them all out?

    I’m always annoyed that JWST and Hubble and even SETI are fixed on distant targets that we could never reach in a reasonable timeframe. If I ran these programs I would just focus on the closest possible neighbors and rule each of them out one by one. Their process doesn’t even appear to be scientific. Just random targets.

  6. It’s most likely a gas planet and all of the “life” signatures (water, and the bio signature chemical detected there that is associated with plankton here on earth) are extremely small/non significant that there is no reason to think that it can support life until more info is found

  7. Time is not real, just another construct, like a wall that you can’t see through but you know there is something on the other side. You will be forced to let go of time eventually, it’s a man made thought process.

  8. They announced dozens of planets that may contain alien life. Even Europa may contain it. And Venus. So this is nothing new sadly. It’s just NASA trying to circumnavigate the real conundrum of their UAP problem.

  9. I don’t understand why people post weird infographic pictures like this. This is exactly how misinformation spreads, small details that are overlooked and that snowball over time.
    Here’s the source: [https://www.nasa.gov/universe/exoplanets/webb-discovers-methane-carbon-dioxide-in-atmosphere-of-k2-18-b/](https://www.nasa.gov/universe/exoplanets/webb-discovers-methane-carbon-dioxide-in-atmosphere-of-k2-18-b/)

    This was discovered by the **JWST**. Not Hubble.
    Water vapour **was not detected** directly.
    `»Spectra of K2-18 b, obtained with Webb’s NIRISS (Near-Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph) and NIRSpec (Near-Infrared Spectrograph), display an abundance of methane and carbon dioxide in the exoplanet’s atmosphere, as well as a possible detection of a molecule called dimethyl sulfide (DMS). The detection of methane and carbon dioxide, and shortage of ammonia, support the hypothesis that there may be a water ocean underneath a hydrogen-rich atmosphere in K2-18 b. K2-18 b, 8.6 times as massive as Earth, orbits the cool dwarf star K2-18 in the habitable zone and lies 120 light-years from Earth.»`

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