Оригинальная фотография НЛО из Вестолла, сделанная Джеймсом Кибелом 2 апреля 1966 года.

Оригинальная фотография НЛО из Вестолла, сделанная Джеймсом Кибелом 2 апреля 1966 года.

The original Westall UFO photograph taken by James Kibel on the April 2nd, 1966.
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  1. From James fox’s The Phenomenon (2020): [https://youtu.be/a0Kr1TwKhQk?t=1641](https://youtu.be/a0Kr1TwKhQk?t=1641)

    Photo analysis: [https://www.project1947.com/kbcat/Balwyn_Francois_Beaulieu_2017.pdf](https://www.project1947.com/kbcat/Balwyn_Francois_Beaulieu_2017.pdf)

    On April 2, 1966, at about two in the afternoon, a young Australian businessman by the name of James Kibel went outside of his house to take a few pictures. He owned an early Polaroid camera loaded with instant roll film. The film was long past its expiry date, but he thought he’d nonetheless try and finish the roll by taking a few snapshots in his garden, to which he captured the photo.

  2. And everyone on r/UFOs is making a big joke of this photo and not even taking into account Mr Kibel’s testimony. I hate that fucking sub sometimes, especially all the trolls in there.

  3. Debunk this assholes!!! Lol. 1966 is old enough to rule out drones and all the other BS skeptics use. And it’s on original Polaroid. This is one of the best. Also this guy has first hand testimony and saw it turn and rotate and then fly away like it had been shot out of a gun. This is 100% a real UFO sighting and event.

  4. Skeptics need to take a step back on this for a second. This was an actual mass sighting. Teachers, students and locals. I remember coverage on this in the 70s and 80s. I remember a news show with skeptics claiming that it was a mass hallucination. This isn’t a one off photo with one witness.

  5. Picture if you will. A man with a camera pointed at the sky while another man throws into the air a metallic
    Object that was crafted to look like something not of this world. Then they do this multiple times and pick the best one after developing and present it as a UFO photo.

  6. 🤔 Why do UFO’s back in the day look like they are made out of the same shiny material as our planes ✈️ back then…but now days they are appearing to be white in appearance looking like our planes now 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. It’s funny how people ridicule and simply won’t beleive but the USG takes this seriously and always take interest. Makes me think of Chris Bledsoe, the man tells a really fantastic story, clearly the man is being haunted by something even he can’t describe and is biased with his upbringing. Normally I’d write this off as some cookie story but the fact that the cia, nasa, navy etc have taken a huge interest has me interested af even if I don’t understand what’s happening to this man

  8. Oh cool, a blurry photo from a demented old man. Glad this sub is convinced, you guys are going to share this with the media right? People need to know and this one photo could can the world.

  9. How is it in 1966 someone could take a picture with such clarity like that, yet despite advancements in photography technology all we see now is blurred images when people take photos?

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