Обама о пришельцах.

Обама о пришельцах.


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  1. Watch the whole uncut segment. It is even more telling. Reggie says the word aliens once, but mostly refer to UAP or UAF as he is calling it.

    Obama didn’t even go into the UAP thing first, but directly mentioned aliens. When he said his first sentence.

    He said: «When it comes to aliens there are some things I can’t tell you on television» and that statement says it all.

    Then he talks about UAPs, etc. but hey when the first sentence is like that it is pretty clear that he knows a lot.

    Here is the sequence:

  2. He says “the aliens”. He doesn’t say “the possibility of alien life”. Then he refers to them as “they”. It sounds like he’s referring to a concrete known certainty rather than an abstract possibility.

  3. His response is telling.

    Yes. (obvious yes)

    No. (obvious no)

    I can’t tell you, but look for yourselves? FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK this is men in black shit, and he is afraid of getting neuralyzed for saying too much.

  4. There’s a clue in hear for anyone listening closely. When Obama says ‘There are objects that we don’t know what they are’, he’s not referring to UAP’s at face value. I think what he really means is, we’re not seeing what we think we’re seeing and ‘we don’t know what they are’. He’s essentially echoing what Jacques Vallee says. ‘These objects are an illusion, and part of a deception by a much higher intelligence that’s being perpetrated on mankind’.

    The public is seeking an explanation for UAP’s, when we should be seeking and explanation for the illusion of UAP’s and who’s behind the curtain. I believe the light orbs or ‘foo fighters’ are responsible for the deception. They’re frequently seen in the vicinity of UAP, Bigfoot and other seemingly unrelated phenomenon.

    Not saying this is necessarily the case with every sighting, but it seems like in the majority of cases, we’re getting played.

    For the Romans it was flaming shields following them into battle, in biblical times it was angels, burning bushes and serpents, the Greeks saw flying chariots, Nordics saw Valkyries, ferries, gnomes and sprites, Asians saw dragons, Egyptians interacted with dogmen (Anubis) now we’re seeing Bigfoot, dogmen (werewolves) and flying saucers.

    The phenomenon isn’t what people think it is and it can’t be taken at face value. To get to the answers we need to start asking better questions.

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