Как мы могли остаться одни?

Я действительно не могу пройти мимо обратной логики, позволяющей думать, что ты на самом деле один в бесконечной вселенной! Обширность Вселенной ошеломляет: по оценкам, она насчитывает 200 миллиардов триллионов звезд. Это ошеломляющее число получено путем умножения среднего количества звезд в галактике (100 миллиардов) на предполагаемое количество галактик во Вселенной (2 триллиона). Это огромное количество звезд, также известное как 200 секстиллионов, служит унизительным напоминанием о нашем месте в космосе. На спутнике Сатурна Энладе есть огромный океан с соленой водой, который вспыхивает и делает воду, дающую жизнь, более легкой для изучения наукой. Почему это не имеет большого значения? Когда-то обнаружение воды за пределами Земли считалось открытием, которое заставило нас поверить в то, что жизнь может существовать где-то еще во Вселенной. Это относительно горячий океан с соленой водой прямо в нашей солнечной системе, и он показывает признаки того, что здесь может быть жизнь. Как мог человек, обладающий способностью думать, прийти к выводу, что мы находимся в этой галактике одни? Не может быть, чтобы мы были единственными. Наша Солнечная система сформировалась так же, как сформировались миллиарды триллионов других солнечных систем. Почему бы некоторым из этих систем не создать жизнь, и если это аналогичный процесс? Это из-за религиозных убеждений, и они думают, что вся вселенная лишена жизни, потому что религиозные тексты не говорят о других мирах? ? Мысль о вселенной настолько обширна, что я не могу даже представить ее возможности, поскольку в ней нет жизни. Пустошь живительных звезд, сияющих на Бесконечном количестве мертвых планет. Чрезвычайно плохая логика, согласно которой Вселенная предназначена только для нас, чрезвычайно высокомерна и критически неверна. Безумие и вера в то, что ты один во вселенной, идут рука об руку. Логика крайняя глупость и совершенно иррациональна. Во Вселенной есть больше, чем вы можете себе представить, и я знаю это, потому что я здесь и все, что есть снаружи. Тот факт, что это все еще дискуссия, дает мне понять, что мы недалеко от бронзового века.

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  1. With 200 sextillion stars, if even 10% had planets orbiting them that’s 20 sextillion planets, and while we consider our «habitable zone» where we are in relation to the sun the building blocks of life, in reality any sufficently resourced planet could sprout life.

    The problem is unless they are wildly in advance of ours we will never see evidence of them from this distance

  2. Who said that we are alone? Most astrophysicists, cosmologists, astrobiologists, think that there is life out in the universe. We just launched a 10 billion dollar telescope with sensors focused on finding extraterrestrial life. It’s one of the core tenets of NASA. In 1996 president Clinton announced that NASA found signs of life on Mars. The position that we are alone is only held by fringe religious groups not by the wider scientific community.

  3. It’s not a debate really. There’s life out there somewhere, it may not be sentient life but it’s surely out there.

    Whether humans can ever reach another solar system much less across the galaxy to find that life is another story.

  4. I don’t think we are alone NO WAY. However, you have to think about the immense distance it would take to travel from whatever unknown point to earth and ask why travel to earth. The only other problem I have is — these beings allegedly travel through interstellar space, a feat in itself thinking about hitting even tiny space rock or asteroids being catastrophic, yet do so travel here then supposedly crash here in earth’s atmosphere not once but on all accounts at least 9 times. Something is going on, I just don’t know what.

  5. Belief in spacemen still requires faith at this point.

    People like to use the Drake equation as a cornerstone of their faith in the space brothers, but the Drake equation is only an antiquated thought experiment and has zero scientific value. Think about it, how could this guy possibly guess the number of intelligent civilizations in any given plot of space with only the sample size of one to work with?

    It’s just fine to *suspect* other life is, was, or will be out there but as of now we have zero compelling scientific evidence to make us think life of any kind much less intelligent life ever existed anywhere but here, that’s objective fact. And when we do find true alien life it’s not going to look like us.

    It’s always worth pointing out that the only reason we ever had to think the others come from space were the stories of contactees, that’s it. I’m not even saying I think they were lying about what they saw but rather that maybe they were lied to. If the others don’t want to be found telling us to go look for them in exactly the wrong direction makes sense.

    I recommend reading Jaques Vallee’s *Messengers of Deception* , John Keel’s *Operation Trojan Horse*, Ivan T Sanderson’s *Invisible Residents*, and Mac Tonnies’s *The Cryptoterrestrials* too for good measure. These should help to break away from the stagnant ETH mindset.

  6. I don’t think we’re alone, I just don’t buy that they are here. More than 99.99% of the universe hasn’t even seen light that left earth while we existed yet let alone as an advanced species. Any alien interested in coming here would either have to be our cosmic nextdoor neighbor and be interested in hunter/gatherer humans, which is unlikely considering what we would have to achieve to make an interstellar trip, and how we have seen no evidence of advanced technology from our neighboring solar systems, or they would have to be so interested in any life at all, that they make a millions of years long effort to come here and see dinosaurs without any idea that they would find us. Anything is possible, it’s just maddeningly improbable. Mathematically it would make much much more sense for UFOs to have an earth origin and be traced back to the same genesis event that created us. It’s more likely they would be a previously unknown intelligent species that evolved long ago on earth and either hides here or has been spending time somewhere else, than that they come from a separate chain of life far away and somehow knew we were here and could make the trip.

  7. Good question. Maybe we’re not very interesting. Like going to a party with 100 people there and no one talks to you. Perhaps we should be asking ourselves if that’s why we could think we’re alone…ignored. That bothers me more than the claims we’re being watched.

  8. I totally agree with you and your logic, the sheer amount of planets and other objects in the universe is just beyond anything we can comprehend, I am for certain there is other life out there. Evidence would be amazing, but given the size I think just from a probably standpoint everything is pointing to yes, there is other life out there.

    I think alot of people don’t think there is life out there because they just think modern day science is the gold standard and it is highly accurate, which of course it’s not and doesn’t account into any alternative theroies. Also that people are not very deep and don’t question honestly and properly what else is out there, they can’t comprehend the sheer vast amount out there, and just also because it doesn’t interest alot of people. Alot of people are in their own little bubble. We are so insignificant in the scheme of things compared to the size of the universe, Joe Rogan explained it pretty perfectly in a recent podcast with Whistleblower Grusch.

  9. I think that’s the wrong question to ask. We don’t know how likely it is for life or intelligence life for that matter to evolve and come into existence.

    There is for sure potential for other life to appear and evolve out there and it’s possible that other life currently exists out there.

    But because we don’t know the likelihood of how common or rare it is for life to spontaneously appear we can’t tell if other intelligent life currently exists out there, or if they exist within the bounds of our own observable universe or if we are the first or not.

    We very well could be alone in the universe right now, but it’s just as likely that we aren’t (more speaking about intelligence life). We just can’t prove one or the other without more data.

    Tho it’s stupid to think that is impossible for other life to be out there at any given point in the past future or present day.

  10. Cause all photos from space are “photoshopped” by definition, no hiding the fact. Plainly admitted “their only way to build these composites”

    The “cosmos” could technically be vey small, we have no empirical data besides interpreted from earth tech.

  11. If you can’t estimate the probability of abiogenesis then the number of planets in the universe is insufficient to make any guess. Also, even if aliens exist or have existed, they may be in another galaxy or already extinct.

  12. This belief originales from a time when there were No earth like planets in Our Galaxy known, Like >20 years back? I think science and people’s beliefs have advanced since then.

  13. Certainly some portion has its roots in religion. But also imagine you are standing in an oasis in the middle of a desert. Everywhere you look there is nothing but more desert. You can see other aspects of potential oasis’ but never do you see any other actual proof of other people. Logic says of course there are others. After all how could you be the only one. The desert is so big. Yet there is no proof to support your logic. And you have no means to be venture too far from your oasis without dying. You only have faith you are not alone. The same faith that those religious people have that they are alone.

  14. Well it took a long time for life to emerge here. It’s possible that other life forms are just getting started or at the very least, the conditions for that to happen.

    But the notion that the existence of numerous galaxies with numerous star systems implies there has to be other life cannot be said with certainty.

    We just recreated spontaneous self replication among molecules, and the conditions have to be very specific.

    In short, life is truly a miracle and we cannot say with certainty that it has happened elsewhere in space-time.

  15. You’re arguing against a premise that not very many people hold. Most people think we are not alone in the universe. The doubt comes in when you start to say we are being visited by ethereal beings that can be summoned through meditation or by eating fungus and hold the secrets of God and the afterlife within them.

  16. It’s not that we’re not a lone. It’s that the variables in between for two civilizations to be on the exact same course of technological advancement for the two to eventually meet are beyond astronomical it seems. What do I mean? Time dilation, traveling through space requires a extreme understanding of time and the ability to manipulate it. Basically how they say if you see a planet through a telescope, you’ll see dinosaurs but once you arrive there they may be gone and a new population exists. That’s just the traveling issue, let’s talk about actual integration of the species, we literally fight about religion and beliefs here, you think we will easily accept there view of life? No there will be at least one human who says no to that idea, which means it’s a task rather left a lone. That doesn’t mean they aren’t probably working with our government, but think about it like this ok, they are an adult and we are a baby, they grew up and learned things, the one thing there afraid of is us obtaining weaponry for “defense” only to than use it on others harmfully. That weapon is free energy and nuclear weapons, weapons we have never imagined of, there most likely more worried about those implications which hinders them from merely living with us. Because look,

    If they show up today, you know we will have basically jumped drastically in the technology field? We might be at peace for a small bit but unfortunately a non matured human will eventually use what’s given for negativity… so ultimately how do we avoid this issue.

    How do we avoid war on a cosmic scale?

  17. 1) mammalian OS runs on emotions and memory
    2) humans are social mammals with capacity for higher order (abstract) reasoning, but still bound to mammalian emotional OS
    3) human society is organized into status hierarchies
    4) societal elites have branded NHI or ETI as suspect, making it more socially acceptable to be against the possibility of ETI than for it

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